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Help With My Diet

Hey i’ve lately been cutting the amount of carbs i eat and had a few questions regarding people’s opinions

firstly what do you snack on, i would normally have a piece of toast or something similar but obviously with the intention of cutting carbs this is no longer a great idea!

secondly what are the best form of carbs to eat, i’ve heard that things like potato and pasta contain high quantities of starch and are inferior compared to say sweet potato and brown rice, could someone clear up the difference in these for me?

finally do you think its possible through a low carb-high proten diet, containing essential fats and some carbs to fuel workouts, that you can both increase definition through decreasing body fat and increase muscle mass through weight training?

many thanks and i hope you can clear all that up for me.


Search engine might help. Those are all very simple answers you are looking for. I’m sure you’ll have a blast researching!

  • Snacks: eat something with protein. And what the hell do you need snacks for when eating six protein meals per day? At least that’s what you SHOULD be eating if you want to look good, whether gain or lose.

  • CARBS. Here’s a copy/paste of CT’s post:

[i]"But here are what I consider the least bad carbs… It’s a new list updated from the one I used to promote.

Veggies (potatoes, corn and yams are not included)
Legumes - if you can digest them fine (baked beans, kidney beans, split peas, etc.)

High fiber fruits (apple, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apricots, pears, prunes, raisins, cherries)
Sugar-free/Fat free yogurt (not really a carb-only food though).

Potatoes, Yams, Sweet potatoes

Rice, oatmeal (natural), Sprouted Grain Bread (Ezekiel bread for example)
Other fruits

Whole wheat bread (not the commercial type, real whole grain bread, normally kept in the fridge), All-bran cereal (yeah, really), Mueslix

Regular bread, flavored oatmeal

I recommend sticking to the first 2 categories most of the time with some occasional 3-4 thrown in."[/i]

Stick to the guidelines 90% of the time and you’ll be golden.

  • THE APPROACH YOU ASKED ABOUT IS CALLED “TARGETED CARBS”. Basically you ingest most or all your carbohydrates around workout time. Do a search and read up on it.

in my mind i have oatmeal and regular potatoes swapped positions. however, ct is a much better source of info than i am.