Help With My Diet Please!

I’m currently at 174lbs, 5’7, 20yrs old

Bench 230 Dead-lift 315 Squat 305

I’m just trying to get as much as muscle mass as I can, current goal is to hit 180. I just want to know if I’m on the right track and any important adjustments to be made. Thanks!

1 whole egg, 1 cup egg whites
Vitamin D Milk 1 cup
Whole Wheat Bread 2 slices
2 Fish Oil Pills

Morning Snack
Protein Powder 1 scoop (52g protein)
Vitamin D milk Half Cup

Lunch (Pre Workout)
Ground Beef
Home Fried Potatoes
Mix Veg

Post Workout
Protein Shake (30g protein)

Chocolate Milk 1 cup
Chicken Breast 4oz
Brown Rice 25g


2280 Calories
173g Carbs
75g Fat
221g Protein

Thanks Again!

Since your trying to gain as much as possible, I wouldn’t worry so much about the numbers. Just make sure to eat a decent amount of protein at every meal, carbs (focus on rice/oats/white or sweet potatoes) at every meal, and focus on healthy fats at every meal. Don’t be afraid to eat like shit every now and then, too. A cheeseburger won’t kill you. If you are not gaining weight, eat more.

That’s what I seem to hear. I’m just wondering what I could add to my diet or habits to make the chase for my goals at a efficent optimal level.

consider switching the chocolate milk from your dinner to your PW shake? Assuming it’s low fat, that would minimize fat gain and help induce an insulin spike when you need it. Not the biggest deal though, just a thought.

Thing is I usually eat dinner after I shower from my workout so I probably drink my pwo shake 30-45min before anyways /:

looks pretty good if anything id eat more carbs, maybe bump them a bit over 200

I don’t think bulking is an excuse to eat junk food, just take in more calories on clean food until you gain the appropriate amount per week. For natural trainees that’s probably about 1/2-2/3 of a pound per week.

It’s pretty easy:

  1. Measure weight regularly and compute trend.
  2. Weekly ask yourself the question “Am I gaining weight at the correct pace?”
    A) No, too fast (cut calories until you slow down)
    B) Yes, just right (keep doing what you are doing)
    C) No, too slow (add calories up you gain the right amount)

Pretty standard negative feedback loop.

For assisted trainees it’s pretty much the same except more intense training sessions and better recovery will require even high calorie loads.

why don’t you try adding a 1/2 cup to 1 cup of oatmeal? I use a coffee grinder to make the oats fine, then add them to the blender with the rest of my protein shake.

I would be starving on that diet. Props to you if you can gain on that, but I kinda doubt it. I would at least get in 1000 more calories, especially if you do any conditioning. You might be better off at 4000+ cal.

Here’s how I’d fix things up:
5-6 whole eggs no egg whites needed.
Vitamin D Milk 1 cup, maybe add more, not everyone wants to drink a GOMAD, though, up to you.
Whole Wheat Bread 2 slices. I’d go with 4 slices maybe, and I’d use ezekiel, not needed though.
2 Fish Oil Pills

Morning Snack
Protein Powder 1 scoop (52g protein)
Vitamin D milk 2 cups. It is a shake after all
ground flax for fiber
coconut milk
ice->blend into awesomeness

Lunch (Pre Workout)
Ground Beef At least 8 oz raw
Home Fried Potatoes at least 10 oz, raw
Mix Veg
tbs oil, olive, coconut, butter. whatever you want

Post Workout
Protein Shake (30g protein)
30+g dextrose/malto/WMS if you like chalk. I persoanlly use the 1/2 bodyweight in grams for peri-workout carbs. dirt cheap, too.

Dinner option 1. Real meal for post workout, P+C
Chocolate Milk 1 cup
Chicken Breast 8oz
Brown Rice 100g, no half serving bs.
a little butter or oil, this will not hurt anything, get in at least 100 cal.

Dinner option 2. Pre-bed meal (low carbs, if that’s your thing)
8 oz dark meat chicken, pork or beef
veggies 8+ oz
cheese/oil on meat and/or veggies.
shake with some flax, fats (cream, coconut milk, or milk with a little more carbs) and protein if you want

Thx all for the suggestions! VT I know u gotta eat big to get big but that seems nuts if your doing the shake u got already a cup of whole milk them u add coconut milk on top that’s a big ass shake lol

[quote]Dipset wrote:
I’m currently at 174lbs, 5’7, 20yrs old

Bench 230 Dead-lift 315 Squat 305
With numbers like this your not natty so eat whatever you want.
I’m just teasing.

It looks like you have the right idea. and like someone else has said add in a few more carbs.

I would shoot for:
Protein: Body Weight x 1.5-2
Carbs: Body Weight x 2
Fat: Body Weight x .5

Good Luck.