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Help with My Cycle

help with my cycle(s)

Hey guys
I really need your help and will appreciate any help and advice .
I have done 4 cycles so far ( last cycle was almost 2 years ago )
Used almost everything except tren and clen but I need more experts' opinion .
My status :
Lifting for 5 years
Roughly 16 percent body fat ( most in the belly area )
Doing cardio 40 minutes everyday and training 6 days a week and I have a very strict diet but its getting very hard to lose anymore .
I have access to all types of test , tren , EQ , primo , winny , anvar , masteron , hcq , clomid , nolva and I'm on holidays for 6 months before going back to Australia where I can't get any legit gears and it's gonna be super expensive so wanna try to get shredded as much as I can while adding some size
My thoughts : I am thinking of running 8 weeks cycle and rest of 6 weeks and do another 8 weeks cycle . I don't want to use test because I don't want to play with my testerone level so any thoughts how to run these two cycles ??
Thinking of doing
Week 1 to 8 - 200 mg primo
Week 1 to 8 - 200 mg masteron
Week 1 to 6 : oral winny 50 mg per day
Second cycle : 1 to 8 200 mg tren
1 to 8 : EQ 400 mg per week
4to 8 : anavar 50 mg
I want to run it low because I don't want to experience any sides and plz help me to design my two cutting cycles with the proper pct and hcq

Thank you

Personally wouldn’t consider anything without Test. It should be the base of any cycle, once you have this then you can add Primo or anything you fancy . 8 weeks is too short too run Eq, this compound takes 6-8 weeks to kick in.
If you gonna run 8 weeks only, you should look at gears with short ester like Test prop, Tren Ace and such.
Although I don’t recommend using Tren due to is harsh sides but on the other hand it is by far the most effective, even at low dosage.
Anyway you should first have a good PCT planned and on hand before starting anything. Also Hcg should be run on low dose during the cycle.

Frank is right, again. Can you let us know why you decided not to use test in this cycle? Also, Tren can be pretty fantastic. But it can also have harsh side effects, both mentally and physically. So do your research, and use wisely. Let me know if you have questions.

Thanks Mate for your help and support , I really appreciate that .
I am still confused to be frank , I am very happy with my size and my V taper due the fact that I am a short guy but will be looking so damn good if i am gonna use the juice . I am in Baghdad at the moment and I have access to all types of steroid and it will cost me less than 400 AUD to do a very good cycle with the proper pct but in Aus , it will cost me more 1500 AUD and the gear will not be legit so I need a help to do a proper cutting cycle with the least sides .
My Mates are training at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait and they are getting really impressive on daily basis , and I asked many of them and they all told me about the cycles they are using for cutting so I am thinking to give this a go and I have already tried all the compounds before but not tren ( tren is a scary thing but will be so effcetive )
the cycle is for 6 weeks and no pct is required
Saturday : 1 ml Tren ( 50 mg ) + 1 ml winny (100 mg )
sunday : 1 ml Masteron ( 100 mg ) + 1 ml of primo ( 100 mg )
Monday : 1 ml tren ( 50 mg ) + 1 ml winny (100 mg )
Tuesday : 1 ml mastero + 1 ml primo ( 100 mg each )
Wednesday : 1 ml Tren ( 50 mg ) + 1 ml winny ( 100 mg )
Thursday : 1 ml of masteron ( 100 mg ) plus 1 ml Primo ( 100 mg )
Anavar ( 20 mg daily ) before training
clen : 40 mcg per day

My friends in both Kuwait and Emiarte are swearing by this cycle to shreded down in crazy way and I know them personally , they are going back during semester break to Kuwait and within 2 months , they are in totally different physiques .
any thoughts ? anyone have tried this for 6 to 8 weeks ?

I have another problem , arimdex is damn expsnive here 1mg in 20tablets will cost me 200 AUD , HCQ is very cheap here though .so thinking of using masteron to reduce the sides of gyno due to its properties .
Time in running fast and wanna start my cycle ASAP so please help me and suggest me anything good .
was thinking to use test p , Eq and winny but Eq will need so much time to kick in

Hey buddy -

It’s good that you know people who’v done the cycle you are interested in and that it works for them.

But, to be honest, unless you are doing a very, very complicated cycle because of an upcoming competition or photoshoot or something, you really should use testosterone. I’ve counseled numerous pros here in the States and a complicated cycle isn’t worth it unless you have other goals you haven’t shared.

Why is time running fast? Are you not able to get your gear after a certain point? If you don’t need to be in a rush - don’t be in a rush!

I don’t want to prolong this conversation for you, but a few thoughts: Tren and Ana together can be tough. Why not just run the tren and leave the ana out? And why the primo? You will love Tren, but it will disrupt your sleep and make you agitated. It’s worth it.

Depending on your age and cycle experience, you would get a SHITLOAD of benefits from doing a simple test/tren cycle. Have you done a similar cycle before?
If you workout hard and kick up the cardio, you will shed and get f*cking strong. I hate to be a buzzkill, but have some patience and do a simple, effective cycle.

A simple 500mg/test + 300mg/tren for 10 weeks would be great. Pin your test twice a week, and pin your tren three times per week.
Yes you need Arimidex, as your conversion rate will be high with these two compounds, but if HCQ is what you can afford then that is a decent substitute.

Your cycle just seems overly complicated. It should be easy, not hard. You should enjoy it, not worry about it. Keep it clean and simple. If you want to move to doing 4+ compounds per cycle wait until you go pro. I realize you may not want to hear that hind of advice, but keep some perspective and be deliberate with what you are putting in your body. —Good luck, buddy. Let me know if you have further questions…HM73…PS: if you decide to do the test/eq/winny cycle, just drop the EQ - unless you are down to about 7% body fat you won’t see the vascular benefits.

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Man , seriously and frankly , you are a legand and I really do appreicate your patient and your help

Time is running due to the fact that I am not in Australia at the momnet , staying in Iraq for like 4 months so wanna start cycling because its really cheap here as compared to AUS and they have a very legit anabolic chicken

-13 to 15 percent body fat

  • 3-4 cycles under my belt ( all for bulking ) but all were at a very low dose so they were just ok
  • Training for 6 days a week and doing cardio daily for 40 minutes
  • I am only 167 cm and weighing roughly 84 kgs and around 13-15 percent body fat ( started lifting roughly 5 years ago ( on and off and my weight has increased from 62 kg to 96 kg then I am cutting naturally until reached my current weight of 84kg
  • My diet is roughly 1800 calories ( 200 gram of p , 50 g of fats and 150 grams of carbs )
    -never used TREN before so I am thinking to do
    week 1 to 10 test p 100 mg eod or 100 mg twice a week ( but wanna use 100 mg twice a week = 200 mg per week )
    week 1 to 10 Masteron 100 mg eod or 100 mg twice a day( 200 mg twice a week = 400 mg per week )
    week 1 to 8 tren a 50 mg EOD and may be 75 after week 5 if all good ( 50 mg eod = 175 mg per week , I know that tren is the king but I have never used it before so 300 mg per week will be great but the sides might freak me out )
    week 5 to 10 winny 50 mg ed ( oral ) ( I will not use it , winny with tren will make me hair fall so may be better not to use any oral or a 20 mg anavar per day depedning on my progress )
    cabergoline ( Dostinex ) 0.5 mg twice per week
    Aromasin 12.5 mg every second day
    Hcq 250 unit twice per week ( week 8 to 10 )
    three days after my last injection
    clomid and nolva for 4 weeks ( I just need the exact doses )
    I have access to Hcq but not sure if I am gonna run it or not ( different opinions, some use it during PCT and other uses it during the cycle and some don’t even know about it )

Is that a safe cycle? I am a short Guy so I am happy with my size, crazy arms, wide shoulders, v taper ( can see it when I pull my belly away lol ), wide chest but big belly and the love handles are killing me

please help me

I like your post though I would say that EQ is a good drug to use whatever your bodyfat. It’s not especially anabolic but does keep the muscles full which, by way of mechanotransduction gives it good synergy. It is also quite mild on the system generally, with minimal side-effects.

In fact I advise people on a cruise to use a little test and a little EQ, for that very reason (plus the psychological benefits of seeing full muscles which ‘only’ cruising.

However one caveat with EQ…it can exacerbate anxiety in some users.

Just my opinion. As I say, I like the rest of your detailed post. Bravo.