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Help with my Cycle Plan

Ok guys on my first cycle and I’ve done some research. This is my plan, I’m already on week 3 running 500mg a week of test e and 40mg of dbol oral (for 30 days have 10 days left of dbol) I would like to run 4 weeks of trend of 500mg a week and then finish off the last 2 weeks of my cycle with test e. I have a pct plan but any opinions will help thanks in advance.

Tren… It’s called Tren. I don’t think it’s good for a first cycle. I say that because I didn’t know much when I did my first. I did 400mg of Tren. Let’s just say it was rough!!! If you do decide to run Tren, you might wanna consider being on it longer than 4 weeks. In my opinion, you should wait until your next cycle. If you are running enanthate, it could take anywhere between 10 and 14 days to “kick in” and get your blood levels up. So basically you’d be running it for 2-3 weeks. Seems like a waste to me. Not worth the sides for such a short time.

You shouldn’t do tren for your first cycle. But if you do you do not need dbol oral. I’ve used tren for years and it will give you extreme strength and burn fat. How ever I would not recommend as first cycle. Dbol winny and test is a good first cycle. Tren is for more experienced users. But I’m not here to tell u what to do just giving my opinion.

Tren with dbol is a synergistic combo and Def not for the weak at heart or the inexperienced aas user. Just stick with test only 1st cycle man… its a hell of a ride anyway!!

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