Help with My Cutting Cycle

I have done around 4 Bulking cycles and always natural cutting but i thought i would try a cutting cycle. I am around 4 weeks into using a multi ester Tren and D-Bol. Someone told me using 30mg D-bol daily would be ok on a cut. I know i am in a calorie deficit as I’m on my standard cutting diet but i don’t seem to be loosing any weight at all (maybe holding water?) Should i drop the D-bol for something else?


Since Tren does not aromatise, you will be left with no Oestrogen in your system without the Dbol. You can either try cut the Dbol dose or switch it for some Test Prop.


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Test prop plus Var is a good combo for cutting… Maybe throw 2 weeks of clen at it on the back end for a final cut

I will try test prop and Var on my next cutting cycle. I’m going to lower the d-Bol and up the tren slightly, see if this helps.

No. Leave it where you are at. You hold water on bol but it will come off when you drop it. Tren and bol work great, I recommend growing slightly on it or recomping. Afterwords lower your calories even further and keep training hard. If you need a little boost clen works wonders.

Also add some test in to avoid low estrogen sides when you stop bol. Trt does work fine for me

Ok, I’m going on holiday in just over 5 weeks, when and how do I get rid of the dbol water retention before I go?