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Help with My Cholestrol

I am 29 years old. I am slim with bmi of only 21.4I have dark skin of both lower limbs which is very itchy from last 4 years. Visited cardiologists many times but they rule out anything after physical examination. I had many lipid profiles in past few years and my LDL was on average around 138 and HDL at 39, Total Cholestrol below 185 and trig below 100.

above is the latest lipid profile.
Total cholestr. 185
Ldl. 117
Hdl. 56.1
vldl. 19.8
cho/hdl ratio. 3.3
ldl/hdl ratio. 2.1
trig. 99.
My breakfast is 4 egg whites. 4 chapatis made of wheat. curd and vegetable.
Lunch is 3 egg whites. 4-5 chappatis of wheat and vegetable.
In between i take banana shake.
Dinner is also 4-5 chappatis of wheat with vegetable and 3 egg whites. Now i take 1 fish oil capsule in morning and evening with my meals.
I do not do cardo but i do strength training for 45 minutes 4 times a week . . I think i have subclinical hypothyrodism which doctor do not treat.
Please anyone tell me if there is something wrong with my lipid profile and how to improve it.

Your diet looks miserably low in healthy fats to me. That’ll fuck your lipid profile up for sure.

I’ve never seen a diet with so little healthy fats in all my days.


Dark skin patches are a tell tale sign of insulin resistance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acanthosis_nigricans

It may sound odd since your fasting blood sugar is super low at 62, which is borderline hypoglycemic-though super low fat diets can produce very low fasting blood sugars. So can hyper insulin levels. Many people who develop type II diabetes have super high insulin secretion as they progress to insulin resistance.

What is wrong with your cholesterol? 185 is probably perfect. If anything I would not want to lower it. 39 HDL is slightly low-normal so your ratio is a little off.

I am not sure if I see ANY source of vitamin D in your diet. Low vitamin D can lead to insulin resistance and type II diabetes.

In reality, you should not just have a post prandial blood sugar test, but they should test your insulin levels in the post prandial state, especially since dark patches and low BMI can actually both be SIGNS of cell receptor type II diabetes.

What country are you from. What is your ethnicity?

You also can develop insulin resistance from a low Choline diet which can result from restriction of saturated fat and monounsaturated fat.

I am having a hard time seeing what cholesterol related number is concernining you. The striking clinical characteristics are very low blood sugar and dark skin patches. The striking nutritional characteristic is very low saturated, monounsaturated and Omega-3 fatty acids, and no obvious source of vitamin D.

The only other thing that looks at all slightly off is a little low HDL. Leafy greens and cocoa powder may help there.

Thanks for your reply brother. Here is one more Lipid profile when i was low on food in 2014

I am Indian. My Fasting blood sugar have been around 82-90 before this test. Before this fasting sugar test I have done exercise in gym empty stomach so it may be due to that.
My main concern is LDL & HDL levels. The recent values are 117 for LDL and 56.1 for HDL after including omega 3 fish oil capsules. otherwise they have been around 138 & 40 respectively. What foods can I include for Vitamin D and Good fat ?
In regard to dark skin patches I am not able to find out cause after several visits to cardiologists.I doubt Peripheral artery disease but they ruled out by checking ankle pulse which is pretty strong.

Individuals of Indian ethnicity have the highest rate of genetic Type II diabetes and insulin resistance-even while being very lean. low HDL is the only unusual thing about your blood lipids. If it were 50!they would look perfect.

The only clear dietary link is that hydrogenated fats like shortening and margarine can result in lower HDL. What type of fat do you use to make your bread?

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I agree with your observation about diabetes but there is no case of diabetes in my family and my grandfather and grandmother all above 70 have normal sugar levels till now. My father and mother are above 50 but not diabetic. Bread is made without any fat but we apply layer of buffallo ghee after cooking. vegetables are cooked using mustard oil. we are vegeterian only i eat egg whites.
I will replace wheat with millet. I will include sprouted channa and green gram. Any further suggestions to replace wheat because wheat increases LDL levels. I have high metabolism so I can not lower calorie intake also.

The only bad lipid number is low HDL. The only things I’ve read that may raise it are leafy greens like kale, spinach, parsley, and cocoa powder and egg yolks.

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Is LDL of 117 or 130 is good ??

Your current HDL looks great. It was the 39 that you stated in your original message that was low. I don’t know if you have other risk factors but to me, a 185 total cholesterol and 56 HDL looks amazing. I would not want my cholesterol to be much lower than that unless there are risk factors for heart disease.

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PUFA are good or bad for lipid profile? I am planning to include peanuts into my diet. Around 100 gm daily. Plz suggest

Aside from 2-4 grams of Omega-3, and 2-8 grams of Omega-6 per day, PUFA are bad. They probably are the direct instigator of atherosclerosis by bringing oxidative damage to the lining of blood vessels. Saturated and monounsaturated fats do not do this. Virtually no one needs to increase their intake of omega-6.

The striking irony is that because Omega-6 DOES lower cholesterol, it can be called “heart healthy”. The body produces cholesterol to HEAL damaged blood vessel linings. Omega-6 is the pro-inflammatory substance in the body. More than 10 grams of PUFA’s correlates to lower lifespan and higher rates of heart disease independent of blood cholesterol levels.

Your blood lipid profile is excellent and I would not want to lower my cholesterol below 185. In addition, peanuts have harmful lectins that probably contribute substantially to the risk of heart disease: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9727614

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100 grams of peanuts has about 50 x the maximum healthy level of PUFAs

I experimented with my diet and included oats 2 times while lowering carbs intake. I replaced fish oil with more number of almonds and look at cholestrol values they are not better than previous values. I am very confused due to problem in my legs i.e skin pigmentation with itching and sometimes pain in calf and doctor do not care considering my age. What is your opinion?
What are good fats resources and my requiremets is 2600 calories daily how to achieve that with LCHF diet?