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Help With my Bulking Diet Please!

Hey guys, I’ve been attempting to bulk for the past month and a half and my gains have been little, I’m actually becoming skinnier(losing a little mid-section fat, but my arms are skinny) The main hinderance for me is my diet, I’ve tried to eat a lot of food, but it seems I overestimate what I eat. I think i’ve actually been in calorie deficit for the past month and a half. Also, since I’m a poor, unemployed, college graduate I didn’t really have money for food.

However, I’m moving back home and now have some funds to actually buy some food and stick to a schedule. This is what i’ve come up with so far. Any tips are appreciated! Btw, I’m 5’11, 160lbs. Skinny all over, with a little pudge around the midsection.

Meal 1 9AM
5 Large Whole Hard Boiled Eggs
1 Cup dry Oatmeal
.5 cups plain yogurt

Meal 2 12AM
4oz Chicken Breast
1 cup brown rice
1 cup broccoli

PreworkoutMeal 3PM
1 Can Tuna
1.5 Cup Brown Rice

Workout @ 4PM
Usually takes an hour

Postworkout 5PM
1 Scoops ATW Whey
1 cup skim milk
70g Dextrose(Still on the fence regarding this vs oats)
5g Creatine Mono

Dinner 8PM
4oz Chicken Breast
2 cups spinach
1 cup brown rice
1 tbsp olive oil

Prebed 11PM
1 Cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese
1 Cup Skim Milk
2 tbsp natty pb

Calories:3,079 Fat:83.7(22%) Carbs:384.7(45%) Protein:265.7(33%)

I was also thinking of adding 2-3 liver tabs along with every meal since a friend gave me a free 500ct bottle, does that sound alright? Thanks for any help you can give!!

I don’t have time to go over every item here, but just a couple of quick observations:

1.) Some of your meals look like what I would eat if I were cutting. Especially meal 2.

2.) Get some fat in your milk, will ya?

i never gained weight until i started using whole milk, if ur skinny like u say u are, drink it and that fat u put on wont be as much as u think, considering ur losing weight atm

What has been said above and swap the dextrose pw for a 50/50 dextrose/maltodextrin mix, and I don’t understand why on earth you would want to use oatmeal, a SLOW digesting carb.

Add more calories if you’re not gaining weight.

Eat some foods that are calorically dense - health oils (olive oil, coconut oil, mac oil), any nuts (walnut, peanut, cashews, etc…) and like the other posters’ mentioned - whole milk if you can handle the lactose. Also occasional junk/fast food is ok, but I would not recommend it every day. (I ate junk food every day and got to a fat 247lbs before I stopped - your total for the day is what I used to eat for lunch in terms of calories.)

What has been already said are good tips. DON’T be afraid of fats. Switch the skim milk for regular if you’re deciding to drink it. Idk, for me it seems like there’s whole lot of carbs and not enough fats. Also your total calories seem too low.
You NEED to eat more. How do I know you need to eat more you ask? Because I’m the same way as you are. I know its hard to eat more, and you already think you’re eating a lot.

Yes, pop fish oil with every meal. I’m guilty of not doing so for every meal also.
Spread out your meals like you have them now, and make sure you follow this EVERY day. Plan ahead. Today is sunday so sit down with a piece of paper or your comp and plan out all of the meals for next week. Then go grocery shopping. After that, I recommend you cook “Dr. Johns Chili” and put it into tupperware or something to put it in the fridge/freezer. Note: make half of the chili quantity that is in the recipe as it is already a shitload

I see a lot of chicken breast and brown rice. You mention you have more funding now? I don’t know how much that is, but if you have the money why not throw some steak and pork in there for dinner? You could probably stand to increase your fat intake somewhat. If you find yourself gaining too much fat you could get rid of some of the rice too.

Rotate some of the clean foods you eat, like instead of rice one day, eat beans.

Also, I see you are going to drink skim milk and have cottage cheese before you go to bed. I assume you must have no problems with lactose whatsoever. I can’t handle it too well so I never drink milk except for in the morning or an hour post workout. Milk spikes insulin levels pretty hard though, so you might want to consider having more fat and protein before bed. I sometimes have a casein shake in water, mixed with olive oil/coconut oil and some pb and even ground nuts.

Maybe change your user name to MuscularMachine. You have a self defeating attitude already.