Help with My Bloods?

Could you advise me how to calculate this ratio? Or, indeed what is a good ratio? I feel this is something that will help me greatly in trying to get dialled in. Thanks

Really just theories I think. There is no science to back it as far as I know. But as TT climbs so should E2. Reading back at some previous forum posts the ratio of 14-20 has come up but I cant find any science on it. You come in at 17.

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Thanks, well youve given me something to look into anyway. Could make sense as i dont feel that far off and show no signs of high estrogen in regards to bloating or tits lol. But i very rarely do. Even when i used to run heavy cycles before i knew half of anything i wouldnt get any warning signs of gyno or anything daft like that.
First thing i ever notice is mood and erection quality.
I’ll try wrap my head around this ratio.

One thing thats positive is, if this ratio isnt far off right, that at least my bloods reflect how i thought i felt if that makes sense.

Looks like a little estro tweak should sort me right out

Maybe maybe not. Personally Id drop the serm with such a low dose of test and let E2 settle where it may. You shouldnt need it.

Im not sure on that man. Way I feel says estro too high, bloods show high estro and i know most people feel better around 30pg/ml not 53.
And they way i run my trt is straight from reading ksmanns threads.

If i had to hypothesis then id say the pregnenolone or the hcg or both (although it would appear the hcg isnt doing much of nothing) is elevating my estrogen above what the trt alone would.
I think i will make an adjustment and monitor bloods again in a month and see whats what.

Yeah he doesnt post here anymore because all of his logic was challenged so he left. You should read up on Physiologik’s threads as he is an actual doctor of endocrinology. You shouldnt chase numbers. It’s still about side effects but generally speaking SERMs and AIs come with their own host of side effects.

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Thanks for that I’ll absorb all I can.

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Well from what ive found about this test to estrogen ratio it looks like my estro is high.

Apparently you take your total test, 952 ng/dl in my case and divide by 14. So 68.
You then divide that by 20 which gives me 3.4 ng/dl. You then convert that into pg/ml to find your sweet spot for estrogen. Which would be 34 for me.

Maintaining fertility and/or testicular size are the only reason for taking hCG. Some guys do not see a noticeable reduction in testicular size on TRT. It can increase E2 though, testicular E2 which is not effected by aromatase inhibitors.

No need to test FSH or LH on TRT. They’ll bottom out due to HPTA shutdown.

Sorry but you are wrong. Trt reduces pregnenolone, which can also decline with age anyway. Supplementing with hcg stimulates production of pregnenolone.

Im aware that fsh and lh are not needed. They where just part of the test. Thanks

Then, take pregnenolone?

Is your cholesterol low?

I am. I chose hcg originally to kill 2 birds with one stone, pregnenolone stimulation and testicular appearance. I feel like your trying to be intentionally argumentative or you just didnt bother to read the whole thread.

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Ok, I wasn’t, but I understand how printed words can come across sometimes. That’s what threw me, taking pregnenolone made more sense, which you were, but advocating hCG for it. I know no one taking hCG to correct low pregnenolone, they take pregnenolone. No problem, did not mean anything at all.

Regarding FSH and LH, just trying to save you some money. I had no idea who ordered the tests.


Sorry perhaps my high estrogen is making me over sensitive lmao. Thank you for not jumping down my over presumptuous throat lol.


A little update on this. Its now been over a week since stopping daily hcg injections and i have dropped the hcg entirely this week so far.
I also took an extra 12.5mg aromasin as it just felt the right thing to do.

My mood has improved no end and i nailed the wife twice yesterday with only around one hours break in between. And i mean nailed, she got it good I was as solid as a metal pole so something is going right lol.

I wont fill the thread with accounts of conquests but i will come back in 3 to 4 weeks with updated bloodwork results to show where im at and to compare the numbers with how i actually feel, which is obviously more relevant.
Hopefully it may offer something in terms of help or even encouragement to someone reading it in the future. Well, if things go well of course.

One thing i am unsure of is would hcg effect my lh or fsh numbers? I was under the impression it simulated, not stimulated. I may likely be wrong, i dont claim to know everything.

Its just odd that the legitimacy of the hcg is brought into question yet ive felt a marked improvement since ceasing its use. I suppose coincidence is always a possibility.

FSH and LH are already crashed so you wont see a diff there. Regarding feeling better off of your hcg, who knows what the fuck you were taking.

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Should the hcg of raised the fsh and lh numbers though? I thought it simulated ,to make you produce testosterone. Not stimulated those. Its an answer I should know but im second guessing myself

The HCG should stimulate they pituitary to generate FSH and LH to engage the testes thus raising test and keeping them engaged in the HPTA loop.

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Thats what iv been using, purchased from united pharmacies whom ive gotten countless products off over the years with no issue. Recently hrt meds for the mother in law which where fine, proven by bloodwork