Help with my Appetite

I realize that the number one factor preventing me from making good gains is insufficient caloric intake. I can eat clean, but not often enough. Food that I have eaten 4 hours ago still keeps me sated. My question is for all the T-men out there, is there a secret to being hungry all the time? Has anyone tried any of the herbs that T-mag has proposed for appetite-stimulation? I just about puke every time I force myself to eat… BTW - I strictly follow the program outlined in “The Skinny Bastard Diet” by Cy Wilson with separated P+F and P+C meals each day. I guess I should just keep forcing food down, unpleasant as it may be, 6 times a day.

Get a blender. Make some crazy mixes in it with fruits, yogurts, good tasting whey proteins, juices, ice, stuff like PowerDrive adds a little kick as well. Go nuts with it. Use different stuff and experiment. I have made some very very good high protein/calorie concauctions with my blender. Even vanilla yogurt with chocolate whey, bananas and peanut butter is good to get some chocolate and richness in the blender. Experiment… hope this helps.

When I first started my MAG-10 cycle last week, I had to forcefeed for the first two days. After that, my body began adapting and now I get hungry every two hours. It’s like clockwork! Also, alternate solid food with liquid. I have 4 liquid meals and three solid meals throughout the day, every two hours.

For me, nothing stimulates my appetite like having a lot of high glycemic carbs. That means white rice, baked potatoes, etc. You may be eating too clean to gain weight, if you are the naturally skinny type. I think Cy Willson wrote an article about this a few weeks ago.

I do not now, Greek, but I want your problems. OTOH I am hungry all the time.

Haha, thanks guys. Good advice. Anybody tried the herbs Cy Wilson mentions?