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Help With Muscle Retention

 I recently started working out seriously for about 3 weeks. But I have a concern since I play soccer (cardio)for about 2 hrs. two  times per week. I'm aware that cardio can break down muscle. So my question is what should I be eating before and after playing some soccer? Is there any supplement that help with muscle retention? should I be taking glutamine?

So how much muscle did you lose when you were playing soccer and not working out?

As far as before/after playing, I would eat whatever you were eating before you started working out.

Unless you want to become a Mr. Olympia soccer player, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Keep lifting, in a few years you might not want to play soccer anymore.

Food eat. You might consider a dillute carb and Protein beverage prior and during as well Like Surge mixed very dillute


Despite what you may have been lead to believe, you won’t lose muscle mass simply because you’re doing “cardio”.

What you may confuse you are athletes who take running to the extreme and lose tons of weight. In those cases some of that weight will no doubt be muscle mass.

So, how do you solve your problem? Eat enough not to lose weight!

It really is that simple.

Like Phill said very diluted Surge, or what I do when I am broke some gatorade POWDER not the corn syrup bottled crap, buy a big ole tub of the powder from costco for cheap, and some whey protien, sip on that before, during and after, I highly doubt you will lose muscle mass if you are getting plenty of fast digesting carbs and protien while playing soccer, as long as you are eating enough the rest of the day.

Should help with your stamina and recovery as well.

Protien drinks, jug of milk in a cooler. You’ll rip up fast.

Protein/carb meal before workout. Protein/carb meal after workout. Bonus: Protein during workout.

+what other posters have suggested.

And don’t forget the good fats too.