Help with Muscle Imbalances

From my first year of training I’ve noticed that my right lat is significantly bigger than my left but I thought it would balance out eventually. But just recently I’ve realised in addition to size difference that my right shoulder sits lower than my left and my left scapula is more loose/has a better ROM than my right scapula.

I was wondering if I could get any tips on how to go about addressing the issue. I really want to address this in the near future before I get back to weight lifting in a couple weeks time.

I’ve tried researching everything from scapula winging to scapula mobilization but nothing I’ve found really addresses my specific issue.

Get an assessment from an ART provider or other professional. There is a good reason why people go to school to learn about this stuff, you know. Posting about it here is a waste of time.

[quote]Crios wrote:
Get an assessment from an ART provider or other professional. There is a good reason why people go to school to learn about this stuff, you know. Posting about it here is a waste of time.[/quote]

Definitely agree, but in England ART is almost as rare as unicorns. In the meantime, maybe speak to a knowledgeable personal trainer. Most physios don’t care too much about optimum muscular development, but a good one might help also. I have somwqhat uneven lats too. I do some 1 Rm pulldowns for the weak side at the beginning of each session, to try to hypertrophy/ improve mmc. Maybe try that too? Let me know if you get any better responses!


First off sorry for slow response when I submitted the thread it kept saying some random error so I never noticed it actually posted.

Thanks for the advice. I was going to start incorporating extra sets for the left side till I noticed that I also had a scapula imbalance. Will definitely post any help I get.

Thanks for that. The link you gave seems helpful and the location is close to my current address. I will give that a good look. Was just hoping that on a bodybuilding forum people would have experienced the same and found a way to go about addressing this. I’m a student so regular visits to an ART or whatever isn’t feasible.

There is a french pro who wrote 10 books in the last 10 years about training, posture, stretching, self-massage foam rolls… I am bilingual so i have no clue if it is available in english. He was competing top level martial arts. Well he has a website, his name his christophe-carrio. It helped me from a shoulder higher from computer time (free reading from librairy).
All the best

thanks for the help I tried searching him up but there is nothing in English
je ne sais pas francais :wink:

Sorry, your body has too much tension. One way to release tension is eating alcaline at least 12 veggies daily. You can also do a lot of deep breating maybe 5 minutes, 4 times daily. You can try to find if it comes from work or home likely something you repeat a lot. You will want to prevent this condition to come back so yoga or tai-chi or meditation might help you.
I hope you find a good therapist.
All the best

Every good tailor knows that everyone’s left shoulder is higher, narrower and less developed then the right. or vise versa if left handed. You will never be completely symmetrical. Your probably just being to critical of your difference

Thanks, I’m just waiting to get feedback from the ART that Crios linked me to. I agree there is a lot of tension and tightness in my right side of my upper back. I am a student and don’t really do anything repeatedly that could cause this. The only things I do that are unbalanced are: use the same mixed grip on deadlifts, scrub my back while showering with left hands and sleep on my right shoulder occasionally.

Trust me I’m not being too critical, I’ve noticed size notable differences in my traps, chest, long head of triceps, obliques/intercostals and I just accept those. Even up until recently I had no issue ignoring my back imbalance cause you never really see it in the mirror. But now I just feel so much tension in it. Now that I close to returning to the gym I just want to address any imbalances now before they get even worse.

I had this problem too. I stopped doing BB rows and just did kroc rows instead. This really showed me how much of a performance imbalance I had too because even though both lats seemed about the same strength (no weird angling of the bar or torso rotation on BB rows), one side had much less endurance. I would row an 85 lb DB for 30 reps on the right side and get maybe 18 on the left. So just start with the smaller side and do the same number of reps with the left. Hope this helps.

I think everyone should just do kroc rows anyway

My dominant shoulder is resting for sometime(injured) and i found out that only using my left(weak) hand-arm-shoulder-side the neural connection seemed to kickin. Maybe you could try training only 1 side(upper body)to help it wake up(about 2-3 weeks). More than likely stretching would be a plus also(relaxing) hot baths …