Help with Mucus, Stuffy Nose.

Whenever I have milk products I get mucus & it also makes my nose very stuffy as well. It’s a pain, so, I stay away from them amap. Sometimes on the weekend I’ll have a cheat meal that will have some cheese or some type milk in it.

I miss my cottage cheese before bed & soon would like to start the Vince Gironda Hormone Precurser (sp? ) Diet that involves comsuming half & half w/ eggs, bananna. So, what will help me tolerate this cream w/o dying of not being able to breath along with a very stuffy nose? Will Lactaid tabs help me with this?

Tks for any help.

I have the same dairy/mucus problem you have. However, I am able to tolerate cottage cheese and yogurt without any problems. Have you ever tried eating just cottage cheese without any other dairy? Maybe you’ll be lucky and have the same reaction I do.

Milk, ice cream, and hard cheese, however…those are the killers! Mucus, bad skin, and stomach cramps; lots of fun.