Help with Morning Training on Ultra Low Carb


I’m about to start Berardi’s get shredded diet and in a nut shell it’s a keto based cyclical diet with negligible carbs coming from veggies .
and i was wondering what I could eat before and after training as I train at 6am in the programme he has no protein shakes just bcaas and creatine.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am a very low carb trainee, and I get up at 0330 to train.

I have had several dietary approaches before training. I’ve gone completely fasted, and I’ve done this

That’s 2 whole eggs, 1 egg white, 2oz of ground beef (this was actually elk, but I go for beef typically), half an avocado, some grassfed butter and fat free cheese. I’ll actually slather some sunbutter on top of it after I microwave it. I’d eat this 5 minutes before my first warm-up set.

These days, I just do a slice of keto toast with sunbutter on it, because I prefer to hav emy large meal AFTER training.

Post training, I’ll have that egg meal I just described, placed in an egg white wrap to make it into a breakfast burrito. I eat it alongside some celery sticks with nuts n more spread on it, keto toast with sunbutter (if I trained fasted), a mug of cashew milk and some greek yogurt mixed with protein powder and powdered peanut butter


Every part of this line except the ‘creatine’ makes me question this diet approach.

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Berardi is about as legit as they come dude.


So I should be OK to have some eggs 30 mins before I train maybe a shake ?


I can’t say what you should be ok having. For all I know, you have an egg allergy and will die if you eat them.

But for me, while keeping carbs low, I can train first thing in the morning on no food, on nuts/nut butters, avocados, eggs, meat, etc. This morning I trained fasted and pushed a prowler for 50 minutes with a bunch o KB thrusters and farmers walks thrown in. The morning before I did 60 reps of barbell squats off of a slice of toast with sunbutter 5 minutes before my first workset. I find the body to be adaptable.

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Thanks for the replies

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It was written in 2006. Berardi does not even recommend BCAAS anymore. Has even posted against them.

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I believe it. He’s moved quite a bit away from supplements. I’ve never felt a need to use BCAAs myself.

But it also worked in 2006 and will work today.

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If you are going keto and fat adapted, calories shouldn’t be a big deal around training. If you have a big meal the night before and eat after you shouldn’t worry about protein either. I personally prefer training fasted in the morning to eating right before training.

Bottom line is that you should eat well the night before, get some good protein after, and before/during training you should be doing whatever makes you feel best for training.


That’s big for sure. My largest meal of the day is before sleeping. It’s actually pretty similar to the breakfast listed above, but with some cottage cheese and a few other tweaks.

Here’s a third for preferring my biggest meal in the evening. I don’t like going to bed hungry and I don’t feel like eating early anyway. May as well make all that line up. I’m also a morning trainer.

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I dont think i understand the problem. You wanna eat in the morning or you don’t want to? And in both cases - why can’t you eat or not eat?

amen. i train 0330 to 0430am. i train fasted. i do not do well eating before training. training turns into napping!

you are going to have to see what works for you. do you know how much food volume makes you tired? everybody is different.

what you need to understand is, you do not HAVE to eat prior to training. tons of people and pros train fasted. if you “want” to eat then test out a little bit at a time until you are comfortable.

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I want to follow the diets guidelines as best as possible, but with something that fits my lifestyle .
Iv always read that you need a protein shake before and after training so I’m a little confused.

Today I had 2 eggs in 5gram of coconut oil and 10g olive oil and 30grams of protein coming from protein powder 40 mins before training .

Do by any chance sites where you read this, or videos that mention this, were in any way affiliated with stores that sell protein shakes? Had any advertisement or a discount code? Huh? :slight_smile:
No, first - you dont need to EVER in your LIFE take any sort of shake. You need to get in your protein and whatever your diet says you need in ANY way you can or want to. You can get 100% of nutrients via shakes. And you can never take a single shake in your life.

Also, it has been known for a while now that meal timing does not matter that much. It might matter when you are Chris Bumstead going for Olympia title, but for us, regular people - taking your protein evenly spread out through the day OR all stuffed in once a day, will provide NO visible difference in your physique.
All the science is usually talking about 10% of your total gains. For most people 100% of their lifetimes gains is not too much, and that 10% is not even measurable even if the difference is 10%.
Lets say the worst possible meal timing and diet will provide 10% less gains.
Adding 2 inches to your biceps would be considered pretty good gains. Trust me… if by any chance you will add 1.8inches NO ONE will be able to tell the difference.
Adding 20lbs of muscle is good gains. Adding 18lbs will look exactly the same.

There is no point to struggle with diet, macros and meal timing for MAYBE extra 10%. We dont even know if it is as much as 10% anyways.

Eat what you want, how you want, when you want.
Most of my life i trained fasted at around 9AM and my first and only meal sometimes was only around 9PM…
I have never felt any difference weather i eat before and after the gym, or i dont eat 10 hours pre and 10 hours post.
Its not even the daily calories that matter. Its the YEARly calories that matter for gains.

First time I was ever ripped was back in 2009 using this plan. Sure, the use of BCAAs is probably hogwash but hey ho. It was funny, I still remember the sweats I used to break into during the carb refeeds every 14 days. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for that. So no need to worry about meal timing ect just make sure I’m getting the right amount of fats proteins and vegetables in throughout the day.?

What does the program say?

I mean, Hank is cool, but he ain’t no John Berrardi.


Is this what you’re referring to?

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