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Help With More Mass Friendly Diet


Hi, I'm trying to tinker with my diet (more mass-friendly, less fat friendly). Currently, I'm at:

- 1 cup skim milk
- 1/8 cup orange juice
- 2 tablespoons fat free yoghurt
- 1 banana
- some pineapple pieces
- 2 scoops protein

Lunch and dinner
- 3 egg whites
- salad
- spinach
- tomatoes
- boiled yam pieces
- red peppers (capsicum)
- wax bean/carrot veggie mix
- peanut sauce

I also take a post-workout drink (4 scoops protein powder) and 4 spoons of cottage cheese between lunch and dinner.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.>


Man, 3 egg whites?! Are you poor? Egg whites are so cheap, you should be eating more of those (unless you hate the taste of them).

And 3 meals a day? Haivng lunch & dinner being the same thing? Alright... first put some snacks in there (I mix up some good old peanuts with raisins; a handful of them). Make your lunch and dinner different, add a turkey sandwhich in there or some chicken. It looks pretty good to me for the most part, although what's your height and weight?

Sorry, didn't see your little sentence in between meal thing. I still say you need more food though, all depending on your weight/height of course.


Looks like a fat-loss diet to me.

Try doubling the protein and carbs you are currently consuming for starters.


My height's about 5'10", and weight's at 170. I'm trying to gain some more muscle and then cut down. Hmmm, so what would you recommend for the dinner meal? Adding more carbs for the lunch meal's a good idea.


How bout eating in between thoise meals. eat every 2 - 3 hours.


Mate, my 17 yr old daughter eats more than that and she's the size of a toothpick with the wood shaved off.... Eat more, much more, just watch the quality.



Are you combining those 4 scoops of protein pwo with any carbs? 4 scoops of protein seems a bit excessive, considering a scoop of Metabolic Drive is 20g/scoop. Thats 80g of protein. That means you would also need 160g of carbs to maintain a 2:1 carb to protein ratio.

That should put you at about 1000 calories alone in your pwo drink. I'm no expert, but does anyone know the optimum intake post workout? Is 80g of protein really that excessive (will my body be able to use it?).


I'm no expert either but I think a hamster eats more than 80g of protein.

Search the site for "protein per kilo" and I'm sure you'll find smarter fella's than me telling you that 80g is far too little. Start with John Berardi's or Prof X's writings.



The PWO shake isn't Metabolic Drive, it's that Cytogainer stuff, I think 4 scoops works out to something like 56 grams of protein, and they say they have complex carbs in it. I ordered Surge yesterday, so I'll probably start taking that post-workout.

I should also start eating more. Sometimes it just feels like so much food though, stomach feels bloated, but you gotta do whatcha gotta do .


wow dude, this is your MASS diet? i'd say you need some major tinkering. try to eat calorie dense foods in large quantities. dont worry about too much fat gain unless you are an extreme endomorph. this is an example of my breakfast currently:

3 whole-egg omelet w/ 1/3 cup of cheese
2 slices whole wheat toast w/ jelly
1 cup orange juice
2 cups whole milk

this breakfast contains roughly 1050 calories. if you are working out hard you wont gain too much fat, but you will get big. hope this helps.


Bro that cant be more than 1500 calorie for those three meals you need a TON more food in general and your fats are VERY low adding more of those will helpm a ton. Id start by doubling the amount your taking in.


Please re-read my comment, 80g of protein post workout.


Thanks for that breakfast suggestion, I've been looking to go away from the smoothies, will try this.