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Help with Mind Muscle Connection Left Pec...?


Hey guys, so today I was really surprised at how much my form sucks when I do pressing movements (for chest). I knew it wasn't the greatest before but today I'm just really disappointed. The problem is my left side, the right is fine. Doing a fly movement isn't a problem, however pressing is seriously starting to frustrate me. Do you guys have any tips on how I can make this (mind muscle) connection stronger for pressing? I've thought of doing one side at a time kind of thing... anything else is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


dumbells. You can't compensate with them.


I got a lot of help from a superset done at ball busting pace with fairly heavy weights:

Superset cable flies with db pressing. I picked a weight I could do for 8ish reps on each, and just went back and forth until I had a massive pump and was physically exhausted.

Focus on form and feeling what you are doing. There will come a point where you can feel your pecs doing the work. That will be all you can feel because it fucking sucks.

Do this for a couple weeks.


Squeezing at the top. I've been doing several light sets of hard squeezed machine flyes before any chest work.


Do dingle arm machine flies


I don't know if you read my entire post, but doing flies I have no problem with the mind muscle connection. It's only pressing.

if this helps at all; i feel my shoulder a lot more, could this be due to the fact that I can't keep my left shoulder blade squeezed when i press? I also have this weird popping noise in left shoulder blade/rear delt/trap area when i retract at certain... "angles" i guess...


I notice that if my pressing is feeling uneven even during dumbbell press, some push ups(and or light upper back work though the push ups are usually good enough for me) will help set up the stability in my scapula more evenly and allow me to dumbbell press more evenly, otherwise I would do supersets like counting beans mentioned.


I think we have a winner!

What does your back routine look like?


See Meadow's livespill


This and, do it more often. Make that boobie pop (under your shirt) all day: at work, in the shower, at mealtimes, any time. You will develop a strong connection.


I'm not sure if I figured it out. I started flexing at the VERY beginning of the press (with left pec) but I still felt my left shoulder blade pop out of position...

as for routine it generally starts with wide grips. For the past two sessions (excluding today) i've had to use the lat pull down because the space was occupied :frowning:

I then move on to some sort of rowing, lately I've been focusing a lot on feeling the rhomboids and holding/squeezing for a second or two. Whether that be a hammer strength machine, low cable row or whatever its called, or that exercise that was posted a few weeks ago (laying on a bench, pulling kettlebells and holding) I do that with dumbbells. Then I'll do one arm lat pulldowns for the finisher. I don't have a set routine for back, the EXERCISES change but I usually do a pull up, row, pull up, row. Sometimes pull up, row, row, pull up

and yes that livespill helped me out a lot yesterday! thanks again guys!