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Help with Method to Increase E2

Been on TRT just over a year.

I aromatase poorly and am very sensitive to anything that lowers E2. VERY sensitive. Due to this combination I am currently on 90mg test e E3D and 5mg Cialis with a tt of 870 but E2 in the low to mid teens (the Cialis lowers E2 quite dramatically for me). No AI. I feel anxious, tired and have dry skin and eyes. Some days I feel bloody great but others the anxiety is crazy. I refuse to drop the Cialis as it’s a godsend that improves my mood, bp, erections and all round health.

I know that 350mg pw with 5mg Cialis only puts me at 1360tt and E2 at 39 peak as I was on that level this summer on a mini blast.

My options to increase E2 appear to be:

  1. Try HCG to increase E2. I don’t want to inject anything else so this one’s out of the question.

  2. Try estradiol pills. I am self medicating, my Dr won’t prescribe and I can’t find any online.

  3. Try foods/supps/alcohol to increase E2. You name it- I’ve tried it. Nothing works.

  4. Increase my dose to a level somewhere between what I’m on and the mini blast in the summer. 100-110mg E3D (plus 5mg Cialis) would probably take my E2 to the low to mid twenties and TT to around 950- 1000. This is obviously a (slightly) higher than normal TRT dose so I am conscious about lipids/heart effects if I stay on it but surely if my tt levels are around 1000 I should be ok in this regard? It’s the numbers that count not the amount I inject right?

I’m suffering at the moment and need to get that damn E2 up without dropping the Cialis. Help!

Dianabol will take care of that problem. As low as 10mg/d works wonders.

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The anabolic steroid?

If so I’m looking to improve my health so it’s defo a no goer. Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve even been looking into red clover, isoflavones etc that women have during the menopause and I bought some flaxseed at the suggestion of someone on here but they appear to exert an estrogenic effect without actually increasing estrogen from what I’ve read.

DHEA also an option to increase E2 from what I’ve read but that also appears to have lots of side effects and may also increase test which I don’t want/need.

You’re already on one steroid, I didn’t think another would be much of a leap. And it would be a lot easier to control than taking actual estrogen.

Your best bet is HCG, which for reasons untold you eliminated. It’s safe, effective, and can be dosed in a pretty wide range with a ton of tolerance for side effects, which are minimal.

E2 tends to be"sticky" on the way down. Drop your dose of Test to 100mg a week and even if your E2 falls a little you will feel better because your ratio of androgens to estrogen will improve.


I would just bump the T dose some, see what happens lipids wise and go from there

I don’t really understand the restrictions you’re putting on this. It’s like you know what will help but are against doing it but ok taking testosterone? I don’t get it.

Add more T, dhea and HCG or try dianabol if you really want to increase e2 in a hurry. Either way you’re probably going to need something stronger than you’re going to find over the counter


cmon dude , before i chime in … are u on trt with a Dr or self admin yourself …???

I’m surprised that you’re surprised at my reluctance to jump on Dianobol long term! I’m on TRT to get my hormone levels back up and improve my health and mental state. I don’t want to fuck with my lipids, cardio health or mental state.

HCG might be worth a shot as you mention- I’ll look into it further. It’s just that I read that it doesn’t always increase E2 but it’s probably my best bet. Thanks.

E2 certainly isn’t sticky on the way down for me unfortunately. I dropped to 140mg pw once whilst on Cialis and my E2 level was 4. At 100mg a week it would almost certainly crash to 0.

Hypothetical question- to you and other posters:

If one person injects 240mg and gets to TT of 900 and E2 of 26 and another person injects 150mg to get to the same numbers…would you expect the effects on lipids to be similar given the numbers of hormones circulating are similar? I know everybody’s different but is it the amount of TT/ft and E2 we should be looking at in terms of effects on lipids rather than the amount of test actually injected?

I know everyone is different but it’s one I’ve always wondered about.

You know what guys…after reading some of your responses I’ve decided HCG is the way forward. I was reluctant to inject anything else but I can do it at the same time as my t jabs and it seems a safe bet to increase E2 whilst having the added benefit of increasing my ball size.

That way I may even be able to lower my t dose whilst maintaining good E2 levels.

I knew you wouldn’t let me down :slight_smile:

are you on Dr prescribed trt ??

Taking it twice a week isn’t much of an imposition, or at least not to me. Perhaps I should have laid out more clearly how you’d use it effectively. If done the way I was thinking it would be no more harmful than having a few beers twice a week.

But yes, HCG is the right answer. I was working within the parameters you had laid out.

Except when you buy beer you buy beer from a shop and know what you’re getting.

Seeing a man at a “supplements shop” and getting a bottle of pills that is kept under the counter and could be anything…to a lot of people is less than healthy.

Believe me I’m not berating using gear- but there is an element of risk involved in your health when buying UGL.

I feel more comfortable buying from the sources I trust than eating at about half of the Chinese places in operation within my particular metro area. You only think of it as risk because you’re thinking about it specifically. If you stopped to think about all of the other risks that you ignore every day you’d never leave your house.


I don’t agree-Injecting drugs that haven’t been made in a lab thats been approved by regulatory bodies or has any hygiene control regulations- thats an infection risk. You might choose to not perceive it as one… but there is a risk. Orals- for all you know is there’s rat poison in that jar.

I’m not saying that its a high risk- and it is one I have in the past taken myself-

but to think the everyday bloke who’s had low T issues and is getting Dr prescribed Test wants to then go and buy some dbol from a dealer who looks like a Gorilla is a slightly warped perspective.

There’s a few types of people on TRT- some that have ended up there after previous anabolic use, and people who have ended up there after symptoms despite never using any gear. Theres definitely a difference in how the two types would be comfortable with these UGL substances.

Also- I wish @iron_yuppie I had faith in a local guy like you do with your supply. Id be adding some equipoise in for 10 weeks a year! I just don’t trust what I’m buying from the one guy I could get it from.

Lifetime and hallmark channels will rapidly raise Estrogen levels. Throw in an IPA for good measure. Other than that, test again once youve introduced HCG


I wish it were true that the hops in IPA raise estrogen.

I’d be on a strong dose of AI by now!

(I’ll carry on drinking copious amounts of it just to be sure…and a good excuse for the wife)