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Help with Melatonin

I’ve been taking Melatonin on and off for a few months, lately only when I have sleeping problems, which is usually every 3-4 nights, and I never use more then 3 mg a night. I was wondering if it has any side effects. Is it addictive because it alters Serotonin levels? Is it harmful in any other way? I really want to stop taking it, but I always seem to have sleeping problems.

I used to take 5mg lozenges when i had trouble sleeping. It usually took about 2 days for it to work. The side effects that i had were extremely realistic and vivid dreams.

In my opinon melatonin should not be taken at all. This is because, first off there is only a set amount of seratonin that is produced each day. If a supplement such as melatonin is introduced all of your seretonin will be released when you take the supplement. As a result the body’s natural seratonin clock will screw up. If this is continually done day in day out you’ll began to have chaotic sleeping paterns. Moreover Seratonin does not put you to sleep, it actually stimulates your brain so that you’ll fall into deep sleep. Hence why it is usually secreted at 2:00AM and not earlier. My suggestion would be to try to regulate your sleeping patterns. The majority of insomnia or irregular sleeping paterns are caused by staying up late or sleeping in.

I just saw my doctor and she said it was fine to take 1 mg at night. I shouldn’t keep taking it at different times though.

I heard somewhere that melatonin reduces leutinizing hormone, which would lead to lowered T levels. I can relate to that, as when I used to use melatonin, not only did I have difficulty pulling myself together in the morning, but my morning libido also seemed strongly affected. I keep away from it altogether now, but would consider using it when I am older, which is when melatonin levels are lowered naturally anyway. While we are young, I think it is unnecessary.

ya that’s right scott. I forgot about the drugged out feeling in the morning. I only got that after about a weeks usage but i remember a lot of over sleeping.

James and Scott- what dosages were you taking?


I’ve never had any problems w/melatonin and I use 6mg every 3rd night.

I think it was 3mg. To help you sleep, give ZMA an honest try (it works great for me) and maybe eat tryptophan rich protein foods before bed, like turkey.

Melatonin has extreme effective dose variance for each person … say from 20 mg to .5 mg.
You might consider a combination of g.a.b.a, inositol, niacinamide, 5-htp, valerian, kava-kava, passiflora, or something like a sound-light “brain machine” set to delta entrainment.

I think michael might have the way to do melatonin if you must. It does work for me but like I said after about 5 days the side FX hit me. I am going to try 3 nights in a row and then every third night after that.