Help with Meet Prep

Jim, I’m training for a meet in December and am following your beyond 5/3/1 program. I was wondering what I should do the last week or two before the meet. Any changes to the program? Or any advice you might have in general.

I used 531 for a PL meet. I actually did it as 351 for the weeks. I’m a little older and did the meet at age 56.
The week before the meet I hit my openers for singles X1, no supplemental lifts and easy assistance. 2 weeks before I did my openers for 2-3 singles with a little suplemental lifting and some assistance work. The week before that was my final week of 351 and did my usual training.
I find at my age actually taking a true deload without a bar on my back , leaves me stiff and sluggish.
Good luck

Generally the week of the meet:

5’s week for all lifts:

Monday - squat
Wednesday - bench press
T/F - off, mobility work

Supplemental work is all based on what your programming was but generally 3-5x5 @ FSL to keep bar speed high. Assistance is done around 25-50 AT MOST - nothing new and nothing challenging.

clee78, thanks for letting me know what’s worked for you. I’m 48 so I understand about being stiff and sluggish with too much of a layoff.

Jim, just what I was looking for. Thank you