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Help with Medical Issue: Abdominal Pain


First, I'd like to start this post by saying that I have an appointment with a doctor in a few days - I was just hoping that you guys might be able to offer a faster solution.

The Problem:
For the last six days, every day, at about 2pm to 5-6pm (sometimes later) I've been having abdominal pain of varying severity. It never hurts in the morning. I've also been burping a lot and hitting the can about 5-6 times a day more than usual. Using the bathroom alleviates the pain for about 20 minutes usually, then it starts again.

Other things of note that may or may not be relevant:
- I don't eat many fruits or veggies - and never really have. It has never been a problem in the past. I do take a Costco multi-vitamin
- I started taking Liv 52 about 2 weeks ago
- I moved back to school recently and my diet has been incredibly inconsistent
- It seems like the amount of abdominal pain is related to the amount of protein I'm eating, but I'm not certain of this
- I have a cold
- Going to the gym alleviates the pain, while I'm working hard

Any idea what the problem might be? It's incredibly frustrating. Thanks :confused: