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Help With Meal Plan

hi coach Thib,

i’m a strength coach and i train at 11.30 am .

i want to know if my meal plan created following the guidelines of the book is ok.

this is the meal plan:

breakfast -7.30 am= meat and nuts breakfast (protein + fat)

snack 1.- 10.30 am. = whey protein?

pre workout 11.15 am= 1/2 of this shake mix whit amino/glutamine/ carb

intra workout 11.30am….= the rest of the previously shake sipping during the set

post workout 12.30 pm.= whey +glycine?o directly lunch?

lunch 1.30 p.m = lunch (protein + carb+ veggies)

snack 2. 4.30 pm = protein + carb

dinner 8.30 pm.= protein+ fats+ veggies

pre bed. 11.00 pm = protein (greek yogurt or skyr (islands diary similar to yogurt)

my problem is whit the concomitance of the post workout whit the lunch time and the pre workout snack(snack 1). what strategy i could use?

thank you so much coach you are the best


Congratulations for the photo shoot!!!