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Help with Mdrol


Hi, i am 19 years old 5'8 and i weigh 155lbs. I am looking into m drol. Truth is i dont know how to take it, or with what and when. I have been looking all night for a simple "how to take mdrol cycle". I would appreciate it if someone pms me or can just tell me what i should take with mdrol and how to take it. Thanks.


There IS a steroids section on this forum.

If I were you, I wouldn't visit it - you're 19, 5' 8" and 155lbs. Give it a few years and gain a few stones, then you may find help here. If you're absolutely dead-set on this, there are stickies in the steroids forum for you.


Eating food comes with much fewer risks. And you dont need to use a search enging to figure out how to do it.