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Help with max strength phase

Hi everyone.
ive just started maximum strength phase in my cycle for the next 3-4 weeks and need a few q’s answered
first of all im training my whole body 3 times per week and only doing bench squat weighted chins and deadlifts
i warm up very thoroughly heres an example for bench 6 reps with the 45lb bar then 6 reps at 95 then 3 at 150 3 reps with 180 3 with 205 and 3 with 235 then ill do 2 or three heavy sets between 1 and three reps with between 250 and 295 lb’s
my q’s are is this too much volume? it is really only 3 difficult sets per body part or 12 hard sets in a training and if i do less warmup my joints feel very cold and unsafe in a way
How do you stop your self from being too sore for the next workout?
when I did this workout it felt almost aerobic since I had little rest and (trying to get 28 sets in total done in 60 minutes)this is not good as it is my maximum strength phase what should i do?
I tried doing it in a circuit circuit fashion so Id get a much longer rest between the same exercise but even that felt too aerobic
thanks for any help

Bally, uh, you’re gonna have to slow down. Let’s see where to start…“whole body 3x per week…” Yes, that is too much for a strength phase. “…28 sets in total done in 60 minutes…” Yes, this is also too much, you’re overtraining in two ways. You need to change now or this will not be a strength phase. If you can’t think of anything else then go do phase 3 or 4 of Ian King’s uppper body workout. Write if you need anymore help.

You need to seperate you chest/legs strength from the rest of the body parts; other than aaistance excercises like tri’s. IE: On chest day do chest and preferably triceps. The rep/set scheme you are using for chest now is ok. Make sure you are resting 2-3 minutes at least in between the heavier sets. No circuit crap when using maximal weights.