Help With Major Muscle Imbalances

Pitching really does leave its mark on you, ranging from shoulder anxiety and elbow nuisances, to hideous imbalances. Combined with previous injuries to separate limbs, my body looks like it randomly picked where to place muscle.

Let me begin by saying im a highschool pitcher, and have been pitching throughout my life. My body has basically bulletproofed my right side with slabs of muscle, when compared to my left side. Now It would be one thing if the imbalance only stretched to the minor proximities of my left side, but no that wouldn’t be fun now would it? My rhomboids are dilapadated, my left lat is nonexistent, and my left shoulder looks like the end of a chewed up drumstick.

I think two years ago i messed my ankle up pretty bad and was consequently in a cast for four weeks, when repeatedly told it would be no longer then one week. Rehab came around, and they told me just to play it back into shape. HA. I repeatedly asked the doctor what i should do, and after living with months of pain and swelling, i arrived at the podiatrist. Once again i was placed in a cast for four weeks, although this improved my ankle stability, it wasn’t enough. My left side probably just hates me now.

So if your still with me at this point i have one leg that is about a half an inch smaller then the right one in thickness, and my left calf is .75 of an inch thinner then my right one. My arms also have a half inch disparity, and my forearms have the clenching power of old grandma’s pushing their rocker’s forward to walk.

OK so now you know me, well my exterior, which probably sums up my interior as well. I have been lifting for about a month give or take a week, and am going to undertake some heavy powerlifting in my schedule next. I hope to add mass and lots of strength. After playing ball today after a long time, i See that i am in the shape of that perviously mentioned grandma, outside of the weight room. My GPP is horrible, so i am going to incorporate that into my training.

So the next post is going to entrail some initial measurements and some goals. Au revoir.

My initial measurements were taken on 11/10/04.

Age: 17
Height : 5’11
Weight : 160 lbs
Body Fat : 11.4 %

Neck : 15 6/8"
Chest: 37 3/8"
Stomach: 29 3/8"
Biceps: L-12.25" R-12.75"
Forearms: L-11.75" R-12.00"
Calves: L-14.75" R-15.50"
Legs: L-23 3/8" R-23 5’8"
Hips: 37 1/8"

My goal is to weigh 170 pounds by the end of February.

My question to all of you out there what can i do to aide in my training.

Keep in mind im a pitcher, so the overhead movements are at a bare minimum, but i am designing my program geared to my lower body moreso my bench or upperbody with heavy duty core work.

My main concerns besides equilizing this basically asymetrical body:

Posterior Chain
Abdominal - lower back strength
Legs in general
Shoulder flexibility
Rotator Cuff work
Explosiveness and overall mind boggling strength, if possible?

My next phase in training will be along the lines of powerlifting, as i see baseball is based on a series of explosions.

Any input, help, insight, comments, or anything will be great.

Don’t sweat the disparity between your two sides. It will work itself out with the heavy bilateral lifting. Just make sure that on anything unilateral you train the left side first and then the right with no more repetitions than you did with the left.

Nice to see someone focusing on posterior chain and legs. The low back strength will come naturally if you are training your posterior chain hard.

Don’t make the mistake of doing too much volume. I cut back on mine and my legs blew up in terms of strength and size. Now my leg workouts consist of:

A. Medium Stance full squats. 5 x 5 (or similar)
B. Natural Glute Ham Raises 4 x failure
C. Assistance Exercise (sometimes hack squat, sometimes a lunge variation)

Don’t neglect the lateral movement of your legs. Side lunges and cross over lunges are great for atheletes. You will find that you are very weak indeed.

RIT Jared

Thank god

I was thinking I was going to end up doing all estranged unilateral movements to reproduce symmetry again. It does make sense that your weak side will catch up, although I will be using the weak side rule, I will also like to employ some auxiliary lifts to help bang out some imbalances.

Any idea on GPP, and what i should be doing to increase work capacity, and endurance meanwhile, or should i leave that for after my powerlifting phase, as improperly dubbed as it might be when you see my routine.

This might be just me, but be careful if you are doing the big compound lifts that your strong side doesn’t do all the work.

The good news is that your weaker side should come along pretty quickly to help even you up.

If I were in your shoes I’d start doing shared effort lifts with light loads making sure of form and work distribution where possible. I’d then stick in some weak side isolation work where possible.

However, there are others with a lot more experience than me around here, and I tend to be fairly cautious. Work hard, be patient, the body will adjust.

Routine for next four weeks

5x5 bent Rows
4x6 Pulldowns
2x6 alt bicep curls
3x failure forearm curls
4x10 Ab Rope crunches
Rotator CUff work

5x5 Full Squats
4x6 glute Ham raises
3x6 SLDL
3x25 Heel raises
2x8 side lunges
3x10 side raises



5x5 Bench Press (Dumbell)
2x8 Close grip Bench Press
4x10 Ab Rope Crunches
3x failure Dips
3x6 Forearm Curls
2x Shoulder routine from t-mag supersets

Friday (favorite)
5x5 Deads
3x6 quad extensions
4x10 ab rope crunches
3x8 pull ups

4x10 leg tosses

Will be amended as time proceeds.
Next phase will be much less volume and much more Maybe i should change the training for this week more towards explosive and compound movements, i also have an uneasy feeling about the amount of volume being spent here. My previous month of training was into the 1.5 hour range per workout, sometimes two. Any help and insight will be appreciated.

I would look into getting a full assesment from a qualified strength coach and/or sports therapist before you begin. There are plenty of smart people on here and you’ve been givin some great advice, but it still wont be the same as someone looking at you. It takes time and knowledge to correct imbalances properly and prepare you for baseball season. At your age now you don’t have anywhere near the knowledge to do this. This isn’t a dig at you, its just how it is, your still young. As you know baseball will fuck up your body with some nasty imbalances, we had a shitty strength program at my university and it left some imbalances that led to a back injury as I got into powerlifting after school. If I knew then what I know now it wouldn’t have happened, but hindsight is 20/20. I try to make up for it by helping any athletes I train understand the importance of muscle balance. Try to make your parents understand this so that they will make the investment in the proper training for you.

use dumbells for as many of the excercises that you perform. if you are doing alternating side lifts start with the weaker side first. You can perfrom compound lifts while monitoring your form and then supersetting with isolation type movements. laters pk


It will not. I’ve had imbalances for four years running that have yet to work themselves out with this strategy.

Vroom and PK have the right idea; dumbbells and a concentrated effort to use the weak side. High volume unilateral lifts should be half of his existing gym load. The other half, bilateral.


Thanks for the input guys, i have looked over several other sites and have postponed lifting for a week, in light of my upcoming SAT. All hail to the gods of collegeboard because this is the best aptitude measuring device on earth, and makes the person instead of vice versa in today’s world…

God i need to break through to this 1400, aint a simple task either, so i got a decent amount of work cut out for me…

im going to rework my lifting plans with ur provided insight, thanks again, and upgrade to a logged diet, if i can so possibly maintain that, because i would like to gain 1-2 lbs a week for the next 8 weeks…

Anyway, im going to list my maxes, and stuff hopefully by the end of the week, and get a picture goin. For now i will continue eating as much as i an, which is sadly not sufficent for my goals, but i need to do some college stuff, and my apps really runnin and crap like that, not to mention SATS…

update to come…


Here are some pictures so u can get a sense of who i am , and i onno help compare n contrast what i need to do if so possible…

prolly the most photogenic photos i cud achieve without using a stand for the camera, to get a good shot so u can see my imbalances…

my beastlike trap development lol

I haven’t updated in a while

Well since then i have gained some pounds, and my old maxes well aren’t so maximal anymore. I was around 225-235 in squats and deadlifts, and now i can do 3-5 reps of them. I know they went up. I dont care much for my bench because im a baseball pitcher, and just care about shoulder health and what not.

Im going to post some new results soon. So as to compare and contrast my results. I don’t think it was very good, but all thigns aside progress is progress.

I still have imbalances in my arms, but my back imbalance is showing promise. I need to really stretch my heels, especially for my weaker leg. In due time i suppose things will pull around.

Just as important as right/left balance is front/back balance…I am a former college pitcher whose career ended with a torn rotator cuff…

What you’ve got looks good but I would dedicate at least twice as much volume to horizontal pulling as to horizontal pushing…the muscle on the backside of your body decelrates your arm; it needs to be strong. Cable/Chest-supported rows in addition to your jobes or whatever special stuff you do for your rotator cuff.

Best of luck