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Help with Macros on Cycle

Hi guys, I’m new to this forum and I’m trying to get some guidance as to diets when on cycle.

I have just finished my first simple cycle of Test E 500 p.w. It went great and I saw some good results however I was wondering if i could benefit more I my diet was different.

I’ve been on a clean diet for a while now, also during my cycle. My stats are:
H: 5.6ft
W: 165lbs
Age: 35

My macros on cycle on both training and non-training days were:
Protein: 220g
Fat: 80g
Carbs: 435g

My body fat at the end of my cycle was 10%.
I trained weights 5 x week plus 5x week cardio.

I’m wondering if you could share your experience in terms of diet/macros etc. My feeling was that I could have put more size on but I just wasn’t sure what I wasn’t doing quite right.

Hope you can help,


Your caloric intake looks pretty good without knowing exactly what you are eating What I like to do is increase my caloric intake by 300-500 calories. If I make big jumps in calories I get fat. I check my body fat weekly and adjust my diet accordingly. You just have to experiment on what works for you. If you can’t swallow more chicken and rice a couple of big glasses of milk add calories quickly.

Thanks very much,

I was getting good results from my diet before the cycle but I was wondering if steroids help with protein synthesis, should I increase my protein etc and leave the rest as it is? I’ve been having 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight.

Also, some say my fat is too low.

I think as you say, just need to experiment with it gradually. Thanks!

I like to increase my carbs by 25 per week until l start gaining weight then hold there for a few weeks and repeat the process over and over again. I keep my fat lower and eat about a gram of protein per pound of lBM. This has always worked for me although I’m a natural trainee.