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Help with M-LMG/SD Cycle


I've just started my second week of M-LMG and yesterday I started staking it with Mdrol (10mgs). For the first week of the LMG I did 75mgs/day, and now i'm going to make it 100mgs for the rest of the the cycle, which will be 4 weeks. I'm going to run 10mgs of SD for this week, and then 20mgs for the third week, and then taper back down to 10mgs of SD for the last week. I know that's it's only been one week, but I've already noticed good gains in size in my chest, shoulders, legs, back, everywhere but my arms. My strength has shot up too. I'm eating 4500 cals/day, and those are as clean as possible. I'm 6'2'' and weigh 230lbs. I've never done a cycle before where my arms didn't really grow at all. My arm traning is as follows:

Close Grip Bench 3 sets 12-8 reps
Dips 3 sets 10-12 reps
Cable pressdowns 3 sets 10-6 reps
Skull crushers 3 sets 10-6 reps

Wide Grip Barbell curls 4 sets 10-6 reps
Preacher curls 3 sets 12-8 reps
concentration curls 2 sets 10-8 reps

What else could I do with my training etc, to ensure growth in my arms? The main purpose of this cycle was to get to 18'' or over by the spring to capitalize on this winter bulk. I'm happy with the growth, but would be very happy if I could at least reach that goal. Should I start doing arms twice a week while on cycle? Or should I do alot of Drop sets and supersets?


I'm no bodybuilder, but I know my arms got a shit ton bigger when I quit doing stuff like that, and started doing super heavy back shit. The only real "arm" work I do is tricep work, mostly band pushdowns, close grip (pinky on the ring) bench, and a few other tricep moves... then some hammer curls from time to time, and my arms are 19 flexed without trying.

For christ's sake don't do arms twice a week. Thats retarded. If you train the compound movements heavy enough, your arms will grow with minimal isolation work.

And most people around here (including me in 99% of situations) aren't a fan of PH/DS... and you didn't even mention PCT...


why aren't you fans of PH/DS? Nolva and Resveratrol are my PCT


Less gains/more sides than real gear.