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Help with Lower Pecs

Anyone have any suggestions as to a good lower pec routine?
I have barely any lower pec developement even though I flat bench and do weighted dips and flat bench flys at least once a week. I seem to put on mass in the middle of my pecs, but that’s it.


I have several favs. that I use. The first is decline DB bench. Decline flies and one that is a little ocward, but works. Stand in the middle of the cable cross over machine. Grab the bottom handles. Bring your arms up in an ark to the middle of you chest. Keep your knees slightly bent and keep your arms bent, don’t change the angle of you elbow.

Drop the flyes, add a decline press. Just my 2 cents.

Decline bench press as mentioned previously, but also make sure that you’re using proper form on your dips - elbows wide, torso leaning forward (keeping your chin on your chest helps), and go down DEEP, as low as you can go.

What is your bodyfat percentage? You may just need to shed some fat!

try the routine listed in poliquin’s question of strength in issue 38…works great!!! good luck

sorry buddy, you may have to face the fact that your muscles arent shaped in a way to have that square look or the lower part as you refer too. it could also be tru that u need to shed some fat so that where the abs and pecs meet becomes more defined and there fore will give the appearance of a lower chest. generally dont buy into all these specific area excercises as they dont work most of the time. use excersises that recruit the most number of motor units, ie dips are a compound movement and have often been refered to as upper body squats. use some weight if they are easy to get out. i mean its no use doing 20 reps in your dips if they are easy… cut back and add some weight progressively. you might wanna try and just get more massive. concentrate on getting ur chest bigger not just your lower chest, and you might see the lower part come out. i did inclines endlessly and never showed any improvement in my upper chest, but then i switched to flatr and dips (two compound movements) and my whole chest grew, top middle and bottom, so they look normal now. give it a try, and u might wanna pre exhaust it with some heavy pullovers before your pressing or chest exercises. i found a good program to be 20 rep breathing squats followed by pullovers and then into ur chest workout. the theory here is that your deep breathing in the squats and pullovers helps expand the ripcage hence make ur chest bigger, its just a theory, but it worked for me. experiment mate and find out what suits your body type, ur biomechanics may not be suited to declines or even flat or dips, but rather to inclines, so u never know, good luck and let me know what happens