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Help with Low E2


So ultra sensitive E2 is 6! My life is miserable right now… I went crazy with the AI’s thinking my puffiness was from E2 when in fact it was from my total T at 1501 ng/dL, free test 524 pg/ml…
My test sched is T Cyp 50mg 3x/week, with a kicker of t prop 25 mg every so often as needed for mood/libido (my body loves the quick delta wave)…
Nonetheless my libido is ZERO, NO ERECTIONS… AT ALL! Smaller “junk”… all parts… cold/pale penis!

I just got some hcg and have haphazardly done a couple of doses…250- 500 iu…didn’t commit as I’ve mentioned I thought my E2 was HIGH… but now that it’s SUPER LOW… what’s my next step???

My thoughts… switch to T prop entirely (less puffiness) at 50 QOD…wait til Thursday so levels can drop a bit (last shot of 50 cyp was this past Saturday)
NO AI’s until absolutely necessary…
start hcg NOW, consistently at 500 iu MWF…

Any other thoughts???

Someone please reassure me I’m coming out of this… no libido interest AT ALL for 2weeks has been TORTURE… depression/apathy is there too!


why is the puffiness from total T being high? And why do you think PROP will help this?


Guessing the fluid retention that comes from the cypionate /longer esthers…
apparently less so with prop/shorter esthers…


Please get stable and skip the excursions.

hCG 250iu SC EOD only please. 500iu simply doubles costs and can create other issues.

With 150mg T per week, we would expect that 1.5mg/week anastrozole would be good for normal anastrozole responders, the few others [not rare] need 1/4th that dose. So try 0.5mg anastrozole at time of injections.

There is no way to know in advance if you are an over-responder.

Stop anastrozole for 5 days then resume at new dose.

Do E2 labs in 3-4 weeks. Target is E2=22pg/ml and AI dose will be changed to get there. If you get E2=28pg/ml change old dose by a factor of 28/22 and you will be good.

I could do better if your anastrozole dose was not a secret.

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Thanks KS!!!
will follow and stop going rogue, and effing myself up!
Hcg 250 QOD it is…now by QOD are we talking
M-W-F??? Or QOD for the seven days of the week?
Will follow other factors as suggested…

Will keep you posted


EOD = every other day