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Help with Low Cholesterol

Last time I’ve checked my cholesterol, my total cholesterol was only around 150 (I don’t remember the test including a detailed cholesterol panel)…
Despite eating 24-30 eggs/week, fatty meat, and a good amount of palm oil…

Since death rate is much higher amongst those with a total cholesterol of less than 180, what can I do to raise mine? Preferably to around 200.

Thank you very very much,

(Edit: I’m only partly joking. Isn’t 150 a bit too low, considering all those studies that show you die easier and get cancer easier if you’ve low cholesterol?)

Thank you very much. : )

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Thank you, BBB.

Total Cholesterol is worthless as chucking shit into the wind. You have to go molecular and look at specific patterns to paint the bigger picture. You can be extremely healthy with Total Cholesterol at any number that is physiologically possible (Obviously not 1)