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Help with Liver Pain


I am 6 weeks in to my first cycle and of test e 500mg week and tren ace 100mg eod and i have noticed my right side under my rib cage has been hurting and have experienced feeling very sick throwing up and nausea and haven't been able to eat hardly anything in a week. do I need to just start pct? i have a petty healthy liver I didn't drink much before i started and only had about 3 beers once while on cycle. is there a way to salvage the cycle or just quit for health reasons?


Got to a doctor for fuck's sake. Shit, common sense is not that common anymore, is it?


Your body either can't tolerate gear, which some can't. OR you have some bad shit that isn't what you think it is.


Food for thought, I've heard this mentioned:

"Hepatocellular adenoma, also hepatic adenoma, or rarely hepadenoma, is an uncommon benign liver tumor which is associated with the use of hormonal contraception with a high estrogen content"

Not trying to scare you but you need to be running an anti estrogen pretty much always, there are more frightful things to worry about than gyno.

You may want to see a doctor.


PS Home brewed trenbolone is made from a steer pellet called Finaplex. The idea is to remove the estrogen(estradiol?) from it first. If your tren was home brewed poorly this is bad news.


Jesus Christ, go to the doctor.


ya go to the doctor ASAP so you can see how bad your liver enzymes actually are. Because if you wait till after pct they will still be high but not a proper reading of the damage you where causing. And that could give insight into what the deal is with the gear or with your body. If I where you I would make sure to drink a shit load of water and start taking pills to help cleanse the liver. I understand it sucks to go to the doctor but you have to.


Does no one run liver support these days aside from an AI? If I'm just cruising on my trt dose I still make sure to protect my liver..


go to the doctor yes..

enzymes test won't tell you the whole story though. a good chunk of your liver could be completely fucked via cirrhosis, but values can still be within range..

I would recommend a sonogram and basically whatever else they recommend