Help With Limited Equipment

I am 5’9" 170 pnds and have been working out now for 2 wks although I dont have a set schedule,(I work out until I cant) which is probly a bad thing I dont know.

My biggest problem is that I am in the army and am currently in Iraq and I dont have a lot to work with we have A bow flex here 30pnd dum bells and 60 pnd dum bells along with a curl bar and a variety of weights for that.

I need help in figuring out what the best way of going about working out with what I have would be?

You could try some olympic lifting type stuff with the dumbells. One armed snatches and the like. For legs you could try lunges and one legged pistol squats while holding the dumbells.

If you have a partner you can do push ups with the plates from the curl bar on your back. Pull ups are an incredible back exercise and can be done with weights tied to your waist if they become too easy with just bodyweight.

Don’t know much about how useful a bowflex would be.

lower body : pistols, db lunges, hindu squats, DB overhead squats, natural GHR, stiff legged DB with DB

upper body : one arm push-ups, pull-ups and ohter fancy stuff with DB

general conditionning : DB swings, farmer walks

Have a great time.

Mix up squats, pushups, dumbell swings and your other exercises with sprints. It builds up the strength and conditioning quickly and helps with the combat conditioning as well. If you have any access to the web, check out crossfit and pull off some of the dumbell and bodyweight exercise workouts. They have some great workouts on there. I can pull some off of the site and send them to you if you don’t have the time to surf the web for a while.
Keep you head down and stay safe.

Semper Fi