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Help with Left/Right Muscle Imbalance

hi friends. can anyone help me pls? my right side muscles are very tight. some people say this is because of muscle imbalanced but my left side is bigger than right side. i have tried many times to train my left side but always grow up than right side.if i stand up then body balance is not same on my feets even i feel uncomfortable when u sit or lay. i asked to doctors, ortho doctor said shoulder rotator while therapist doctor said your right side is overtrained. but i think none of that all. because i feel tightness in my neck,traps,shoulder,scapular,back, hip,glut, leg and feet… please help me. i was gym addicted but now i have lost my excitement bcz of it. please help me.



My reply to this post other post (at the bottom) is pretty much the same as how I’d advise you. Have a read if you wish.


  • You’re being paranoid. It’s unnecessary, pointless and does nothing except stress you out. Stress kills gains so stop.

  • Everyone has imbalances/dysfunction. If you look for it you’ll find it. If it ends up causing actual problems is another matter entirely.

  • You are in no position to self assess, diagnosis or treat

  • Your best bet is to seek the services of a physical therapist/physiotherapist or someone who is qualified to systematically assess each of your perceived issues one at a time and manage them e.g. suggest unilateral exercises only, address lifestyle/occupational or mechanical factors that have contributed to your presentation etc.

Thats a pretty decent imbalance. How did you only train one side of your back?

i asked to my friend. he said i should do unilateral exercises. and when i
did it. then i noticed my left side is getting more bigger while my right
side is getting tight and not growing.

In my experience/opinion:

Your right shoulder is High and Pulled Forward.

The mid-back (mid and lower trap, rhomboid, serratus) especially on the right, isn’t doing its job. As a result, these muscles are weak and stretched out. “Locked Long” and tight because they are constantly stretched.

Something has to hold your shoulder, so your Right Pec, Right Bicep, Right Front Delt and Right Upper Trap and neck muscles are trying to do the job. The are shortened, or held “tight.”

This imbalance is pulling your shoulder up and over. So you need to stretch your Front (Pectoral, Bicep and Trap) while you train your mid-back muscles (mid and lower traps, rhomboids, serratus).

Unilateral exercises are great, but you have to be 100% sure the right muscles are working. For example, when you row, make sure the mid back pulls your shoulder blades “in” and “down.” Don’t let yourself shrug the shoulder up.

upper crossed syndrome cropped copy




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you are absolutely right. same thing is going on with me. whenever i do chest then i feel pressure on my right shoulder and same feel when i do back… i always try to concentrate on my main muscle but i am always failed… and scapular is also outer and disturbing me this time. i am feeling like burning in my scapular. give me some more tips please

I just saw this the other day. I tried that knees and elbows external rotation, and couldn’t make my “bad” arm move at all, so I’m going to work on that for awhile.

Here’s the symmetry and shoulder squeeze you need to develop.

Heres a dude with a high, pulled forward shoulder

Here’s Donnie Thompson holding the top position of a row, squeezing and feeling the tension in the mid back. Chest up, shoulders back and down.

Band Pull Aparts. Notice the mid-back squeeze and shoulder symmetry.

Joe DeFranco has tons of articles/videos about moves to work shoulder stability. Check some out!

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i was doing dips,when i was 16
now i’m 26 and did not find a solution yet…living with this is a nightmare…doctors have little idea how to deal with problems like that…

Guys can you help…how do i get in contact with this person?..
…can somehow get an email address or something…
…its hard to fight alone…doctors thinks that i m crazy…I got a bit of explanation what really happens with body when you working out unbalanced…body drops in one side, shoulder trying to keep it and other one is out
and the spine is shifted in cervical area and lombar