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Help with Leaning Out

Alright everyone, the title says it all. Throughout my childhood I was always the fat kid. Two years ago I decided to lose weight and went on an extremely calorie restrictive diet (regret that a lot) and lost a ton of muscle. Then got tired of being small, so since then I’ve basically been lifting hard and eating clean. Long story short, I gained a large amount of fat, and I’ve been cutting since January first, so almost six months. Carb cycled for the majority of the diet. About midway through april I stopped seeing results and my weight stalled, so I ate about 3k calories a day for two weeks in an effort to raise my metabolism. I’ve been back in a calorie deficit for five days now, and progress is being seen again. I’m down 18lb since January first. I would like to know if I’m doing things right, or if there is any changes that need to be made to my current regimen.

Stats: 17 years old, 6’1", 167 lbs, around 14%bf.

Diet: Currently eating 170g protein, 65g fat, and 110g carbs per day with a weekly reefed. (300g carbs on saturdays). I started intermittent fasting monday (only eating from 12:00pm to 8:00pm). I mostly eat chicken, fish, oats, rice, olive oil, coconut oil, almonds, no-fat cottage cheese, leafy veggies, and eggs. about 15g of my daily fats come from fish oil. I prep all meals that are not eaten at home.

Training/activity level- 6 day split with each body part getting trained 2x per week, varied rep ranges but keeping them less than 12. Program mainly focuses on heavy compounds. Was doing 25 min. HIIT 2x per week with 3x LISS, but since starting the IF have leaned more towards LISS only 3-4x per week. I am fairly active when not training, with about half the day being spent on my feet.

Supplementation- fish oil, creatine, protein, BCAA’s, L-carnitine

As I said earlier I’m down 18 pounds since the first of the year, I feel as if I have maintained my muscle mass fairly well with strength gains still being made (very slowly, though). If you need to know anything else about my routine to provide help just ask, I’m more than happy to give you further insight. I would like to know whether I’m doing things right, or if things need adjusted to see faster progress.

~20 weeks down 18lbs. I’d say that is a perfect pace for maintaining strength while losing fat. When I’m trying to lose weight or gain weight I typically aim for the +/-1lb per week. This has seemed to be my magic number in terms of gaining muscle and not much fat, or losing fat and not much muscle.

I’d say continue what you are doing, as you are following some solid dietary principles. If you are just looking to shed pounds quicker and not as concerned with your LBM, some Keto style diets could yield some faster results. Just my 2 cents.