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Help With Labwork Please

Ok, prior to finding this board I had labwork done in March Dr. only did
Testosterone, Serum(Labcorp) it was 140ng/dl (low)

I was placed on Androgel and took it felt better over the next few months, I have a 4yr old though and the scares of him touching it forced me back to the dr.(Androgel was 4 pumps a day)

I went back and had the following results in December (Lab for these was Bioreference?)
Testosterone Serum 295ng/dl (Lab says normal is 240-836, that is different from anything I read
Testosterone, Free, Serum 5.87 range is 8.80-27 ng/dl

Dr Ok’d me to go on the shots of Test Cyp 100mg a week in his office, 4 shots in I feel like crap Napping everyday again, etc

Went back saw a different dr. in the practice she ran the following bloodwork through labcorp again

LH - 0.2 mIU/DL rang 1.7-8.6
FSH <0.2 mIU/DL range 1.5-12.4
Testosterone Serum 522 range is 348-1197
Testosterone Free 9.7 range 8.5-25.1
t4 - 1.32
TSH 0.364 (low)
Prolactin 12.6
PSA 1.2
T3 151ng/dl
Estrogens, Total 40

I asked to have my E2 tested due to the shots and the new lethargy again, but I am unsure if Estrogens, Total is E2?

BTW she agreed I should take HCG but said she “Doesn’t do that” and has ref’d me to a Urologist which I see Tuesday, his office asked for my bloodwork from prior to test treatment, during and now. Which I have (as noted above)

I am so tired now that I literally have to leave work at lunch time, if not I nearly fall asleep on my ride home (I wake at 5:30 and drive home usually around 2pm) but 2 if I have not napped I am so tired I can nap for 2-4hrs and still be asleep for the night by 10pm

My Libido has been fine, the first week of the shot however I did notice my erections where super hard (not that I had a problem prior) but the wife even commented after that I was “Engorged” that was nice for the Ego…heh

Estrogens is likely TOTAL (E1, E2, E3) and not E2 only. But it is VERY low, which is surprising. You need the right test, with reference ranges.

Please also list reference ranges for your T3 and T4 tests (and prolactin).

Your low Free T coupled with your decent Total T, makes me suspect high SHBG.

Your midday crashes indicate a great strain on your adrenals. High SHBG would also accompany this. This could be a result of a thyroid issue or hypoadrenia. My guess is probably the latter, but you MUST get the following tests done to confirm one or the other:

-8 am cortisol
-Free T3
-Free T4
-Reverse T3
-Thyroid Antibodies (there are two)

It would be helpful if you could do a 4x saliva cortisol test, especially if you feel good to start and crash somewhere later in the day.

Note that if it is indeed a cortisol issue, hcg will help this somewhat buy improving testicular pregneolone production which converts into cortisol, but it probably wont be enough.

Have you ever had any blow to the head? Any long term illnesses or major injuries? What are your stress levels like? What sort of diet do you follow? Exercise?

Forgot to add: rae you taking Vitamin D? If not, start taking it at 6,000 iu/day…you are low


I use to spar alot when I was younger, Brazilian JuJitsu, etc… Never got knocked out though. did get whacked a few times I am sure… I had terrible case of prosatitus (SP) at 25 I am 37 now… I never had Anxiety, or anything until that timeframe really… got checked, etc took the antibiotics and eventually got better, but have never been 100% since now that I really think of it…

My Stress level can be fairly high, I work in the defense industry… and would like to just keep it there…heh

ranges for t3 t4 and prolactin

t4 - 1.32ng/dl range 0.82-1.77
t3 - 151 ng/dl range 71-180 ng/dl
prolactin 12.6ng/dl range 4.0-15.2