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Help with Labs??


Hey guys if you dont mind give the following information a look over and tell me what you think;

I'm 41 6'0" 200lbs I completed a 6 month course of Interferon (chemo) in July that left my thyroid zapped while trying to get my tsh sorted out my doctor discovered I was had hypogonadism my levels where 2.8 ng/mL with a reference range of 1.8- 7.8. I am lucky enough to have a Doctor that is willing to treat not just based on lab reference ranges.

Strangely, he didnt spend a lot of time figuring out why my T levels where low. Beside the chemo I also have a history of having testicular surgery x 3 and my right testes shrank to the size of a small grape, years ago after having surgery. So, I think we figured base on history I had primary Hypogonadism.

He started me on the AndoGel two months ago but I didnt seem to absorb it very well; my T levels dropped. So a month ago he placed me on 200 mg of testosterone cypionate weekly which I divided into two weekly shots. He gives me a lot of freedom. I am sure based on my current labs he is going to up my synthroid from 137mcg to 150mcg..

What else do you guys see or suggest below are my current labs:

Labs where drawn on the day of my shot was due but before giving the shot.. I think its call though??

FREE T4 0.68 ng/dL 0.61---1.12
TSH 8.97 uIU/mL H 0.34---5.6
ESTRADIOL 44.6 pg/mL H 7.6---42.6
Vit D 30.4 ng/mL 30.0---100.0 (This is with me taking 50,000 units weekly)
Direct/Free T 10.4 pg/mL 6.8---21.5
Total T 5.5 ng/mL 1.8---7.8
DHEA-S 107.0 ug/dL 88.9---427.0
Cholesterol 219 H 0.0---200
LDL-C 148 H 0.0---130
HDL 58 40---60
PSA 1.07 ng/mL 0.0---4.0
RBC 5.42 M/Cmm 4.7---6.1
HGB 17.0 g/dL 14---18
HCT 49.7 % 42---52
Sodium 134 mmol/L L 135---145 (My sodium is always low??)
Potassium 4.80 mmol/L 3.5---5.1
Chloride 97 mmol/L L 98---107
CO2 27.0 mmol/L 21---31
Calcium 9.7 mg/dL 8.8---10.5
Glucose 95 mg/dL 70---110
BUN 11 mg/dL 6.0---20.0

Thanks so much guys for any help you can offer...


Probably going to be tough to sort until you get your thyroid issues sorted.

i wouldn't be happy with those T numbers given the treatment.

Knocking your E2 down a bit would probably be good.

You could try adding boron to your D supplementation.

DHEA is low. You could try trans-dermal Magnesium to get it up a bit. Might as well add zinc to that. The zinc and boron might also have positive effect on E2.


TSH of 8+..... ouch...

PLEASE read stopthethyroidmadness.com/t4-only-meds-dont-work/ and stopthethyroidmadness.com/things-we-have-learned/

high E2...
horrible sodium... you need to test your Aldosterone levels as well as your Cortisol. do a search for sea salt pupil test.

You are overloading your body with T (200mg weekly) when your adrenals and thyroid can't keep up with demand.

you may want to consider reducing your T to 50mg twice weekly until you can get your other systems fixed up.


I agree. I am cutting my dose down until I get the rest of this mess sorted out. I am sure my Doctor will start me something to counter the E2. You guys have been so helpful. I had no idea that my frequent peeing, constant thirst, excessive sweating, and even the fact that the dogs are always licking on my legs had to do anything with my aldosterone or stressed adrenal glands causing low sodium levels. Wow, I have been to endocrinologist, urologist, and countless other doctors; none have ever clued all these symptoms together. I took you other advice as well, and found a multivitamin that has zinc, boron, and magnesium. I?m also, going to add a teaspoon of salt to my morning routine. Thanks again guys?


yeah, definitely sounds like an Aldosterone issue. There is a medication for that... flor--- something or another... I tried it, and it made me feel weird... I do just fine taking extra salt (BP down 20 points, Resting Heart rate down from 90 to 70, no swollen ankles, no hurtin knee, no excess sweating, etc.)...

The salt has to be sea salt (or hymalan salt) for the micronutrients and electrolyte balance. I recommend coarse sea salt. I just toss it to the back of my throat and chug a full glass of water (i can't stand mixing it with water first.) the first time I tried the salt approach, I was bouncing off of the walls with tons of energy and amazing euphoria. It has tempered down from that extreme, but I can tell when things are getting out of whack and i've stopped my salt input for too long.