Help with Labs Please, Input Welcome

Hi everyone!
Please help me with labs before my appointment.

32 years old male
Had a totaltestosterone exam showing 322 like 7 years ago. I tried some anabolic cycles (mainly test and short cycles) after that i got into a relationship and dropped hormones completely 3-4 years ago.
My problem started around 3 months ago my libido dissapeared, i feel lethargic, weak, emotional (i feel like a bitch).

Total test 457 (200-800)
Free test 9.4 (15-50)
Lh 1.52 (mUIml) i dont have range
Tsh 1.11 (0.51-4.72)
E 22.62 (11.8-39.8)
T4 1.41 (0.89-1.76)
Psa 0.36 (0-4)
Shbg 36.4 (11.5-54.5)

Any imput will be highly appreciated.
Im considering trt myself but i hope it isnt needed.

Here is your problem. Would have liked to see FSH as well. You may have secondary hypogonadism. Maybe not, but you are low in Free T. Is this tested or calculated FT?

CLIA method. Didnt test fot fsh.
When i experimented with cycles i found that i felt the best with 175mg/wk test ai as needed and low hcg (pretty much standard trt) (never took labs or anything, just the total test exam i took before i ever touched hormones, at that time i went to the doc because of low t symptoms)

I would recommend you speak with your doc about starting ~150mg/wk with NO AI. You can retest after 6 weeks to see if TT/FT/E2 are all in line. If not you could adjust dose or add AI etc. This will be FOR LIFE. You can’t cycle TRT.

Doc prescribed 4 shots of 250mg/ml test e one each week and tadalafil as needed… he said that after the external test has vanished my body should start producing its own LH again. After the treatment we are going to measure again and see if trt is needed.

I found some labs i took in 2013 (because i had the same symptoms and all results came back pretty much the same (except tt was 302).
He also wanted me to test for prolactin just in case but old labs showed prolactin in range.