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Help with Lab Test

I will open a new thread since the last one was very confusing.

This is my lab test the day before my next shot( Day 7). I am on 125 mg test weekly.
I can not do it twice because in Germany we only have the 250 mg testosterone.

Total Test (ECLIA) — 6.66 µg
Free Test( RIA). ---- 18,1 Ng/l
E2 was under reference 1mg week EOD.

Are those levels good for the day before of the shot? Or should they be higher?
Peak free test must be higher right?
And what does that say about my sbgh?

I will do another lab work in 3 weeks to see where my levels are with only 1/4 arimidex.

To be honest before that I was on 200 mg test and I felt so much better. But I hate it to take arimidex for the rest of my life. Isn’t it dangerous??

What do you think what level is good?
Should I change to 150 mg after my next lab work? On 125 mg my libido is better but the overall feeling is better on 200 mg.
But on 200 my pulse is way faster. But that is because E2 right?

To make it clear. I want to be in a healthy upper range and with 125 mg my peak must be in the upper range right?

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