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Help with Lab Results


So I thought I would come here to ask for help deciphering my lab results before I see my doctor.

I’m 38.

These are from Quest Diagnostic Labs: the in-range is after
These were out of range;
FSH = 9 mlU/mL 1.6-8.0
Total testosterone= 1135 ng/dL 250-1100
SHBG = 80 nmol/L 10-50

These are in-range;
LH = 4.9 mlU/mL 1.5-9.3
Estradiol, ultrasensitive = 21 pg/mL <29
Testosterone, free = 76.5 pg/mL 46-224
Testosterone, bioavailable = 167.4 ng/dL 110-575


More info please.

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SHBG is lowering FT and bio-T and inflating TT

FSH can be high from testicular cancer when FSH is decisively higher than LH.
Any pain in your testes?

FSH levels are quite steady, LH can change by the hour.