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Help with Lab Results


38 Year old Male. On TRT approx 10 years with a year off. I began with test sust injections every 3 weeks but last 2 years have been self injecting 2x a week 100mg test cyp. Things have been going great until recently when issues (low libido,sore nips etc) started to creep up.

I asked Dr about high E levels and he said probably but nothing can be done except stopping injections. He did agree to testing E2 levels so I would like input on my results.

Total Test ng/dl
1/12 8/12 8/13
964 872 570

45 pg/ml

11.1 ng/ml


Nothing can be done??? You can ask him for anastrozole (arimidex) and take .25mg every other day to keep that estradiol. When he tries to tell you to take 1mg/day, call him an idiot and tell him you don't have breast cancer.

Which one of the tests corresponds with the estrodiol number you posted?


The 570 total test


You would almost certainly see noticeable benefits if you added an AI like anastrozole. E2 rises and falls with T, so during your other tests your E2 was probably around 70. Many here find the low-20s to be the most beneficial. E2 going too low is also a bad thing and can feel just as bad as high E2.

If you can't get a prescription from your doctor, you can google anastrozole research chemical. Several good companies out there.


Thanks... So with .25mg EOD should that eventually get me to the 20's if I'm not an over responder?