Help with Lab Results

So I’m 19 and had precocious puberty at age 10, leading to the discover of a brain tumor affecting my hypothalamus. I was put on “Lupron Depot” for about 5 years. I had surgery last September, and radiation therapy last December-January. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland received a full dosage of radiation.

The past several months I have not been feeling myself (significantly decreased libido primarily, and more recently decreased hunger), and am curious if my hormones may have something to do with it.

My long-time endocrinologist assured me that “I’m fine,” and when I pressed him to explain why he thought I was fine, he wouldn’t. He’s no longer my endo.

So in addition to some feedback about my labs, I’d appreciate if anyone knows a decent endocrinologist in the Phoenix area.
Thanks for your help. Here’s a quick summary:

-19 years old
-36" waist
-220 lbs
-moderate chest hair, patchy facial hair
-I carry fat around my stomach (so do my father and grandfather)
-Brain tumor near hypothalamus leading to precocious puberty. Recent radiation of hypothalamus and pituitary gland.
-Currently only taking Tylenol as needed for headaches (about 1g every other day)
-My diet consists largely of dairy (full-fat), berries, oranges, peanut butt-er and banana sandwiches, frozen vegetables (about 2 servings of broccoli, 1 of peas, 1 of carrots daily), and Mexican food of all varieties
-I lift about 3 times per week, one day of legs and upper-body pulls, one day of shoulders and upper body push, and one day of Olympic lifting. I also do one recreational cardio event per week, such as hiking, basketball, or racquetball.
-no testicular discomfort
-perhaps slightly less frequent morning wood (much less wood in general)

low Vitamin D - maybe consider starting 5,000-6,000iu D3 daily (liquid/gel > powder).

cortisol looks low - when was the first blood draw done on 11/15 adn 12/27?

with the issues you are facing I am really surprised that the doctor wasn’t monitoring several others systems like E2… especially since he ran 17 hyfroxyprogesterone.

check out the blood test sticky for more possible tests…

The cortisol draw on 11/15 was at 2:30pm. The cortisol stim test on 12/27 was begun at 9am.

I had started taking 7,000 IU of vitamin D for about a week before that blood test. I was in Boston for a while by that time too, so I expect my vitamin D is much higher now that I’m spending time in shorts and t-shirt daily here in Phoenix. I’ve reduced my D-3 supplement to 5,000 IU per day now.

was it D3, and was it a liquid/gel form?

at 8am, the ideal cortisol reading is > 15. you were at 7. that plus all of your other issues, you really should get some more detailed tests including a 4x daily saliva cortisol test.

It was D3 in liquid capsules. I was also consuming a significant amount of enriched dairy.

I got the cortisol range from the lab (they didn’t print it since it depends on the time of day). For the 11/15/2011 afternoon draw the rr is 5-15, and for the 12/27/2011 9 am draw the rr is 5-25.