Help with Lab Numbers...

Hi guys, I’ve been a silent member for a while. Just learning from many of you. I was diagnosed with hypogonadism in 2003. I had mri to check for pituitary tumor, none was found. LH was low, no E problem…yaddayadda yadda. Was told by my U Doc that basically I was going to have be on TRT. Any way I started with gel and now I have been on test- 200 every two weeks. Read Ksam post on TRT: Protocol for Injections and realized why I still feel like crap. Got my doc to write me a script for home injections. Going to start that this week

45 male
6’2 270
38" waist

-describe body and facial hair: -describe where you carry fat and how changed:
Never been able to grow alot of facial or body hair but got a great head of hair. Nails grow good. Body wise broad shoulders, cary fat in butt and abs. But Im well proportioned. Never have been able to see a 6 pack even in great shape low boddy fat. Alway carried fat in chest. lifted alot between 25-38 gains always came slow. Fat loss in certain areas is almost impossible.

-health conditions, symptoms [history]:
low T - mind fog/forgetful- FOCUS issue- moody- can become a nasty Mfkr in a second for no good reason(test has seemed to help a little)-tired in afternoon- depression- Anxiety-above normal Cholesterol- sore joints. was starting to have some erection loss during sex-Normal stuff lol

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever:
Pristique for anxiety- No OTC- 200 hcg EOD-
Test injections- Never used or abused Test.
Smoked a few or more than a few between age 16-24

-lab results before treatment
Test serum 139
test free 32.5
TSH 3.39 uIU/mL [0.40-4.5]
PSA 0.6 ng/mL

-lab results
04/2011 on Androgel
free test 4.02%
Test serum 374
test free 15.03
Estradiol 9 pg/ml
IGF-1 169 mIU/mL
TSH 2.82 uIU/mL [0.40-4.5]
PSA 0.7 ng/mL

-lab results
11/2011 3 months after I started inject
Test serum 508 ng/dl
test free 129 pg/ml
prolactin 23.0 ng/ml
TSH 2.82 uIU/mL [0.40-4.5]
PSA 0.6 ng/mL
LH 0.4 miu/ml
FSH 0.2 miu/ml

-lab results
8/16/2012 200 test every two weeks test is between shots
Test serum 293 ng/dl
test free 83 pg/ml
TSH 3.98 uIU/mL [0.40-4.5]
PSA 0.9 ng/mL
-describe diet: Basic 2000-3000 calorie a day lo carb- mostly gluten free and meats, fruit lots of veggies- Coffee

-describe training: Just started back up with some swimming and water treading for joint issues- light Freeweights EoD

-testes ache, ever, with a fever?
not since Ive been using HCG

I am going to take Ksam’s advice on the protocol and see if that helps. Also I am going to go get my labs done to get all my info…Man, any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. It has been sooo hard to find a doctor that gives a Sh!t. Im on Dr #8 in 10 plus years and still looking. My Dr. now sent me to a U doc and a endo. No help just more BS. the endo even suggested that I drop the dose to 100 every two weeks! WTF… Im in central Florida and I cant really do the $500 a month anti aging deal. If you know a good Dr. please pm me.