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Help With Knee Sleeves

I am hoping for some help in selecting the best knee sleeves for me.

I am currently 207 lbs and 6'1" and max squat 415 ass to grass with a low bar placement. I currently use no type of supports or belts but my left knee has become sensitive lately and I want to start using knee sleeves. I diet down as low as 195 sometimes and bulk up to as high as 225 and don't plan to ever get bigger or smaller than this range in the future. My strength levels are also fairly constant as I train for strength maintenance at this point although it obviously fluctuates a fair bit when I bulk up or diet down.

I listed my stats because I did some browsing and there seems to be quite a selection of variables when deciding which pair of knee sleeves would be best.

If you have experience with knee sleeves please chime in and let me know your opinions. Any help is appreciated in helping me make a good choice.


A lot of people here seem to love the Rehband's, but I couldn't justify the price difference when I was looking at sleeves. I went the Tommy Kono's and I'm really happy with them. The little bit of compression makes my left knee feel much better during oly lifts and squatting. They really keep your knees warm too which is nice.


After reading a bit more and checking out the Kono sleeves I agree that they look effective and are a good value. I ordered a pair to try out. Thanks for the help.


I also have the Konos, you made a good chocie.


Do you guys use them all of the time? Every set or just on the more heavy days? 1-5 reps. Also, I think using them with jump squats or plyos would be the smart thing to do. Keeps the knee joint inline better & snoval sp? fluid in the knee warm. What do think?