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Help With Injured Shoulder

hurt my shoulder not sure how i did it. i have went to the dr. and they tell me that it is just a sprain. how long should i wait and is there anything i can do to speed the recovery and to prevent this from happening again thanks

There have been quite a few posts on shoulder injuries on these forums - probably because they are so common.

I suffered through shoulder problems for years and, to be honest, there is no real trick to the healing process other than to give the shoulder a break. Don’t do anything that even remotely uses the shoulder for a couple weeks. This sucks, but it’s the best way to keep an isolated injury from haunting you the rest of your life.

I used to actually wear a sling - not because I needed to per say, but because it reminded me to keep my shoulder completely immobile during the day.


they told me that it is my ac joint. just want to know if anyone esle have had this and how long it took them to come back.