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Help with Injections

Ok, i have BIG problem, my blast is over 10 ml a week and my buttock cant stand over 6 ml a week, i have tried to inject my thighs but always super sore thigh.

It doest matter what or what amount i inject,my quads swell and got very sore(i cant even walk or ride bicycle, training legs is out of question…and it take 5 days at least to heal.

4 ml at least is amount that need to be somewhere, i cant inject my shoulder, im too stiff for that(my wife inject buttock cus im too stiff for that too :joy:)and wife DO NOT inject my shoulder,only ass she dont want to.

Can i inject subq in my stomach that much/week?

That is a ton of oil. What are you running and what concentration?

Of what??? Got any pics, since you gotta be jacked to be taking that much of anything per week?

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2-2,5 cc liquid dianabol 200 mg ml
1,5 cc tren enant 200 mg ml
2cc cypionate 250 mg ml
3cc boldenone 250 mg ml
1 cc enanthate 250
1 cc deca 250

400 mg dbol
300 mg tren
500 mg cyp
750 mg boldenone
250 mg Test
250 mg deca
2,450 mg of gear/week

You’re on a suicide mission dude


Can you at least post current physique. The shit we are willing to do to ourselves amazes me.

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Ohh f*k, thanks!! I have miscalqulated my stack, i
immediatelly reduce dianabol to 200 and boldenone to 500.

Hows my picture help my injections? 262 lbs weight now, should be 280-285 in twelve weeks.

because your prob full of shit or a complete idiot taking that much gear …thats why

I have a semi pro friend he uses similar amounts but without the dbol

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i needed to take propranolol while read the amount.


So i am idiot because under 1600 mgs/week not do anything to me? I thinks someone else is idiot…

Lol :joy: why it is too much? I know many pros that take 3500+ mgs stuff a week.
I feel just fine and blood is fine, only my hemoglobin is over 200, 167 is normal upper limit. Bp is now 92/158…its been those readings 20 years.

I quit dbol in 10 days, its only kickstart, and tren i quit in week 8. So ~500 mgs less in week, is that normal amount then?

Holy cow! That’s a lot of shit! Are you a pro? Yeah like stud said, post a pic.

I’d say no considering he can’t calculate dosages correctly. Good grief :^ /

Cant? How stupid you are? You never miscalculate anything? AND THERE WAS NOT MISC, DIANABOL IS 100MG/ML SO NO ERROR.

No pro, but national level benchpesser, CAN WIN bb contest easily but no interested of that right now, only raw power. In two years you will be hear of me.

Sry, i didnt know that you are senile, my bad :frowning:

lol ok pal , can win bb contest no prob but your on here asking questions