Help with Injections

Getting ready to start cycle #2. Injected in the glutes last cycle, however this cycle I want to step it up and take 2 injections per week. Only problem is I am knotting when injecting. Therefore injection site is not healed in time for next injection. Tryed injecting in delt one time and arm got so sore I could barely move for 3 days!

Looking for any advice that will help with knotting or other injection sites that may be easier

I would think that you could just alternate ass cheeks and pin 2x a week without any issue.

Depending on how much you are injecting, you could use insulin syringes on your delts. Ventroglute is another option although it can be kind of weird to find at first.

Do you heat up the oil prior to injection?

After filling the syringe with the compound(s) I remove the needle and hold the syringe above a pot of boiling water for 10-15 seconds.

If you’re really prone to PIP you can jump into the shower afterwards, run hot water on the area while massaging it.

I pin 2x a week and just switch butt cheeks. I’ve never pinned anywhere else. As long as you not using the same needle to draw and poke with or a needle larger than a 23ga then pip/soreness should be minimal.

5/8 25 g for delts is the cats meow

Theres a few ways to do this… If your not a fat ass you can pin with 29slins in quad or delts. If you love taking it in the ass 23g 1inch works so does 25g 1 inch both are pretty painless IMO… Both options present good and bad

Slins - Good cheap & painless to pin. Bad slow to load sometimes you scrape a nerve…ALSO u gotta be lean 8-12%bf

Butt darts - Good pretty much never sore… Bad its hard to get that other ass cheek so 2+ shots a week means other body parts