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Help with Injection Area/Veins

Im a week into my cycle and Im starting to get the hang of self injecting, one thing is constantly on my mind though and it makes me nervous every time i inject.

I inject in quad, Once the needle is in, how much do you guys pull the plunger out to see if you hit a vein? If you hit a vein would you know immediatly (Blood floods syringe)? I try to pull out but it seems like its hard to pull out and i dont want to pull to hard in fear i might damage somthing so i just kinda pull a little bit and if i dont see blood i inject. Today, i pulled out a little bit didnt see blood, injected, then when i pulled out i saw faint specs of blood inside the top of the syringe, very faint. Help me out am i doing something wrong?

I read the stickies and didnt see my problems addressed.

If you hit a vein, you will see a fair amount of blood in the syringe when you aspirate. I hit one in my glute last week and got about 1/2 cc of blood almost immediately, and the injection site bled quite a bit when I pulled out the needle. If this happens you can simply re-inject blood and all into a new site - not a pleasant experience for the faint of heart.

A few faint specks is normal.

You will see blood immediately. It will be very obvious.
If you find resistance when trying to aspirate, you’re not in a vein. Don’t keep tugging - if the needle moves when you fiddle around with it you should then re-attempt to aspirate as it may have -moved- into a vein.

Alright thanks guys thats what i needed to hear. :slight_smile: