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Help with In-season Basketball Training

I’ve tried running the two day 5/3/1 for athletes with a two day full body split. Squat and bench one day, Deadlift and OHP another day both using the 5/3/1 rep scheme and with assistance work.

I like this template and layout but i find the AMRAPs too tiring and fatiguing on the lower body lifts especially In-season.

Would it be feasible and still produce slow and steady strength gains if i was to follow the 5’s Pro for the Squat and Deadlift and leave the Bench press and OHP with the standard 5/3/1 rep scheme (Pushing for PR’s with a rep or two left in the tank). My bench and OHP are also lagging behind my squat and deadlift so i thought this might help me get stronger on those whilst not over doing it mid season.

My stats (If it helps)

Bodyweight 82.5kg

Bench 110kg, OHP 60kg, Squat 165kg and Deadlift 230kg.

Thanks in advance, any help would be much appreciated!

Hello Jake

I have run a 2 day split with the AMRAPs like the above for 4 months now without a de-load, I do BJJ and am also taking classes whilst working full time. So I can relate to your situation to an extent.

What I do is the 531 Sets and then 3x5 FSL and my lifts have increased significantly (my stats are similar to yours). I should also note that I cap my AMRAP sets at 10 reps. Also for accessories I do a bodyweight circuit consisting of Pull-ups, Dips and Leg raises followed by Light Cardio. I find that doing 15-20 mins of Cardio reduces soreness on my lower body, along with regular foam rolling & stretching.

But to help with your question, you could still make steady progression on 5’s PRO, but my advice would be to do a 2-3 cycles with 5’s PRO and then do 1-2 with the AMRAPs, that way you would maximise your strength gains without it affecting your basketball, as that should be the focus when you’re in season.

Hope this helps.

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Run it with the bare minimum 5/3/1 reps or 5s PRO. You’re in season so you’re in a maintenance phase. Don’t worry about improving as much as usual.

You can probably keep pushing hard on your upper body movements without draining yourself too much.

I think it’d be good to do the 3 x 5 FSL after your 5s PRO sets too. It shouldn’t be too demanding and if it is then drop it.

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