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Help with Improving Squat

Hi everyone

I started going to the gym, its my third week atm. What bothers me is that I just cant squat normally. What i mean is that my deadlift and bench are improving at godlike rate. Bench went from 60x12 to 100x5 atm and deadlift went from 60x12 to 90x12( couldv done more, but i gradually went from 60 to 90, as in 60x12, 70x12 etc and felt that it had had enough at that time). Now for the squat, that damn bastard is still at 60 or 70. I tried doing it with 90kg but i only did 3 because on the fourth my back went round so i stopped. The problem is that my back keeps rounding at that weight and the legs get tired really quick. Also my quadriceps is overdevelopped, so i dont train it much, I try to focus on biceps femoris and gluteus. What should i do to add weight on my squat ?

squats have a relatively high learning curve IMO. So its just gonna take time before you get the technique down, so the most you can do is concentrate on proper form more than adding weight at this point. Once you have your technique spot on, your numbers will shoot up.

try to remember the when you are squatting its similar to sitting in a chair. Keep your chest up and as you come down sit down by bringing butt down and back. To do this you are trying to keep you shins straight, not putting your shins toward the ground. You can also do some core work strengthen your abdominals which will keep you more upright.

I don’t know who told you this, but if you’re squatting 60 kg, your quadriceps are not overdeveloped. Promise.

If your legs get tired, it’s probably because you’re weak. You should continue exercising, especially squatting, until you become very good at it, and can increase the weight you are using.

Probably the best thing you can do for your squat right now is nail technique. Look up a T-Nation article by Dave Tate called ‘Squatting from Head to Toe’, and use the technique it recommends for squatting. Cue yourself, and squat at least twice a week. This should improve your squat.

From your description, your back/core seem to be a weak link (don’t worry, it is for a lot of people). Squats and deadlifts will build up your core strength, but like someone else mentioned, you might want to consider giving it additional attention to bring it up to par faster. Another thing to watch for is your breathing. Before you descend, make sure you take a deep breath before each rep. Try to imagine filling your abdominal region with as much air as you can. This will help you stay tight in your core.

Ok thanks ill give it a try… but about the core excersises, should i do them like any other excersise or can I do them more, as in, will I get overtraining syndrome from doing core too much or is it Ok to do it like 3 times a week with small amounts ?

The best way to add weight to your squat is to. . . .well, squat. Have you read Rippetoe’s squat chapter?