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Help with 'Huge in a Hurry' by Chad Waterbury


i just got done reading you book "huge in a hurry" and i have some questions.

1)i work out at home and i don't have any cable machines but a lot of your programs have cable exercises, can i substitute the cable ones for another of the same kind? an upper body cable pull/press for another upper body pull/press? i can do all the other ones in the book.

he recommends wild salmon jerky but the ones i have seen have sugars in them, whats up with that?


oh noes, the sugarz will get ya.

huge in a hurry? eat the damn jerky if it fits into your nutritional plan


Try his thread(s) in the "author's locker room" sub-forum.

I still haven't seen a single example of someone who got "huge in a hurry" by doing that stuff, but whatever...


Hmm. Well, cable pulls with wild salmon jerky definitely will get you huge in a hurry, bro.

Personally, I used to do my cable pulls/press in the style of mandarin teriyaki tiger, but now I'm stuck on schezuan spice.

I have also performed them in the fine ancient dragon art of fruit roll ups. Hope that helps.


I'm looking for a serious answer.


Might want to re-think asking it on a bodybuilding forum then. Specifically this one.

You been around long enough to know this by now.


should have asked a serious question. Neither of those questions should be asked by someone that has been a member on this site for so long, if you think about it, you might actually find your answer.


Perhaps you should re-read the first sentence of my post above, then, in which I gave you a pretty good hint as to where you might acquire that serious answer.


Now now play nice.


I think you would've been huge already if you wouldn't been worrying about these types of questions.


It had to be said...


I just read your post in Sarevok's voice and made myself LOL.

On topic: Hmmm, was trying to think of clever CW bash. Can't.

Every post made by Sarevok is going to crack me up from now on, however.


I would think its fine to substitute the cable exercises with the dumbbell or barbell versions.

Salmon jerky? Seems expensive. Then again, I've read his nutritional section, and though he has simplified it for the mos part, I think the foods he recommends are for the rich, and not those who are on a budget. He recommended that everyone eats only grass fed beef (good luck doing that here) and avoid at all costs anything in plastic and cans, due to the potential phytoestrogens.

In this day and age, again I say good luck.


I'm curious to what CW thinks is huge. Himself?


bigger than you. has weighed upwards of 280 and has done a 600 lb raw squat. he is not trying to be a bodybuilder or weigh as much as humanly possible though. there have been examples of people who've gotten bigger using his programs/principles on here but people continue to be blind to it because it would frustrate their agenda and require the consumption of considerable amounts of crow.

also, the guy has a shitload of articles on this site and has been a contributor for a long time, so a question about his book or methods isn't out of place (although best put in his locker, as C_C pointed out I think).

and no, i don't own any books by CW.




how about nut hair? just playin :wink:


a few bushels. lol.


280 pounds? That seems like a lot.


With his height and structure, he doesn't look very filled at that weight... There was an old pic of him deadlifting in the forum, as well as some more recent ones where he seemed leaner and lighter. You can see that he trains, but you wouldn't mistake him for a bodybuilder or elite-level powerlifter.

As mentioned by trextacy, he doesn't train to look overly muscular. The last post of his that I read (was some time ago) said something about him focusing on martial arts/fighting and adapting his training to fit that goal... Don't quote me on that, though.