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Help with HRT protocol, AI, oestrogen 40+, and thyroid grains

Hi, I am currently struggling with a HRT protocol, my previous thread outlined my situation— I have made phenomenal progress, in that I realise everything I was struggling with was hormonal and I have had weeks where felt how I used to.

Although I am a young guy who has not got it right for 6 months!
I have also been trying to treat my hypothyroid with grains, so can never diagnose the problem, eg wrong thyroid dosage, estrogen. Now I realise that I should just have regular blood tests, so am going to have a blood test every three weeks.

Everything about my latest test can be summarized: https://ibb.co/cnVRjc here

, I would welcome anyone recommending how to control estrogen, will I crash it if I take 1mg. I don’t think I am a hyper responder as was taking 0.25mg a week.

My protocol before the test:

-125mg/week sustanon in two divided doses

  • 250IU EOD hcG
    -0.25mg/week Anastrazole taken in two divided doses

THyroid the dose was hectic, I had been dosing 3.5 grains, admittedly titrating up too quickly. I thought the thyroid was the problem before the test so went off cold turkey for 3 days and then went back to 1 grain 2 days before the test.**

Test Results:

Testosterone 21.1 nmol/L
Oestradiol 42 pg/mL

FT3: 2.81 pg/ml (2.5 to 3.9)

FT4: 4.66 pg/ml (6.1 to 11.2)

TSH 1.487 mUI/I*

It turns out that oestrogen is the culprit as the oestradiol is 42 pg/ml, this is high right, and this could explain a lot of my issues?

How do I dose the AI now, should I take 1mg now to flush out the system?
Can people give me the desired protocol for the next 3 weeks as really need help"? I am 23, and nobody I knows knows these things, I was prescribed the Testosterone but have not heard back from the doctor, ever, and the NHS refused to treat my thyroid which became a massive issue.

**My new protocol **

I am thinking of taking 1mg now AI.

Continue with Testosterone and hCG.
-up Anastrazole dosage to 1mg a week, is this too mall , 0.5 on each of my injection days.
-The thyroid I am unsure about so may go to 2 grains as the 3.5 grains would have been in my system, so I dont think I was overdosing that much and the oestrogen was high.

Any thoughts please @KSman or anybody else who is knowledgeable.

Splitting your case up causes confusion a forces us to go on easter egg hunts for info, post this there please.