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Help with Hormones

hello cycled in the past for a peroid of about 5 years stopped after pct about 2 years ago

got a gyno flare up after stopping and ever since nipples has been sensitive and itchy for the whole 2 years libido is quite low however if i suddenly do get an increase in libido gyno lump flares up and nipples become extremely irritaded

have tried arimidex at .25mgs eod which seems to crash my e2 however nipples remain irritated

been to drs for bloodtest according to him everything in range

not bothered about the lump which is only on the left side as it dosent seem to have grown in the past 2 years only becomes inflamed then shrinks back down quickly however the constant nipple irritability is something im concerned about

plese note clen proviron anavar even creatine seems to make the sensitivity worse hence the reason i havnt cycled in these 2 years

bodyfat about 14 percent at the min
any ideas to whats going on or how i can stop it?

You need your actual lab #'s.
“In range” to most docs means e2 is between 9-42 at Quest.
Chances are, whatever your e2 level, it’s too high.

If Adex crashes you, you should give low dose aromasin a try, but I’d get a fresh set
of bloodwork before any new substances are tried.

Cheers for reply mate in the process of getting labs
Is it still possible to have itchy nips with low e2
Symptoms though?

Tried aromasin made nips alot worse saying that wasnt parma grade tho
Seriously appreciate your help mate